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As we have discussed in detail on the Footy Tipping Page (click here if you are scratching your head wondering what I am talking about) there are a number of excellent websites and online services that do an amazing job of providing offices and individuals across this country with a way to create, customise and otherwise join the thousands of tipping comps that are setup each and every year. The main two sites we recommend are iTipFooty.com.au and ESPN Footy Tips at FootyTips.com.au and whether you are die hard league nutter or you love your aerial ping pong you will find more than enough information and tips to have a truly engaged and enjoyable NRL Tipping season. BUT … or and, no need to be so dramatic I guess 😉 if you are looking for an NRL specific Tipping comp to join – whether because you hate AFL as much as some of mates – with a passion that could move mountains or you just prefer to keep things simple (nothing wrong with a little KISS) there is a plethora of websites and tipping services that we can (and will shortly) recommend.

Best NRL Tipping Sites for a Good 2016 Footy Tipping Season

NRL Footy Tipping

The first place I need to reference is of course the official NRL Tipping competition page. With Cash Prizes and the inevitable bragging rights – the ultimate bragging rights on the line it is little wonder the official NRL Tipping competition is so popular each and every year. Follow the link to the right or the image to the left and sign up with NRL’s Official Footy Tipping page

Some of the other websites and companies who are holding their own internal NRL Tipping competitions where the public is freely invited include the following:
Please note that all these links are direct links to the company or institution and we here at Australian Online Betting dot Com are not incentivised or paid to provide these resources. This is a genuine list of the best providers of Footy Tipping competitions, specifically NRL Tipping.

  • Triple M NRL Tipping Competition
    Join the Triple M Grill Team – all ex Rugby League players themselves as they take you through what promises to be the funniest season of NRL Tipping you’ll likely find here on this list. Share in $5000 worth of cash and prizes and enjoy $100 weekly prizes.
  • 2GB NRL Tipping Competition
    Another Sydney based radio station, although based on a different band and definitely catering to vastly different audiences, the team at 2GB have once again opened the doors to their Footy Tipping competition and used their influence and pulling power to make it worthwhile – providing a prize pool worth over $36,000 and giving one lucky punter the chance to drive away in a brand new Toyota Hilux. Now that’s an unbreakable offer!
  • Daily Telegraph SuperCoach NRL Tipping Competition
    NRL Supercoach is more than just a Footy Tipping Website, it is actually one of the more intuitive and user friendly fantasy football providers online. Of course they know how much we love our footy tipping and have provided some of that action too 😉 Go check them out and see how easy it is to start and manage your own NRL Tipping competition. Oh and did I mention there’s over $20,000 in cash and prizes on offer?

SportsBet’s Million Dollar Tipping Competition


It’s fair to say that I have well and truly saved the best for last. Don’t get me wrong, all the other NRL Tipping competitions listed above are also excellent services providing wonderful prizes. But they’re not a million dollars.SportsBet – arguably Australia’s biggest and best online sports betting site and online bookmaker is holding what is without doubt the most lucrative NRL Tipping competition ever!
I won’t go into the details because the only one that matters has a 1 at the beginning and if proceeded by 6  zeros.
Check out SportsBet’s Million Dollar Footy Tipping Comp and enter a tipping comp where the bragging rights include your own house and land package (optional)
afl tipping sportsbet million dollar footy tipping


Where Can I Find The Best NRL Tips and Latest Round Updates?

footy tipping with nrl the greatest game of all

Most of the Footy Tipping websites listed above also provide a plethora of tips and up to date round information but this information is usually second hand AND it’s being digested by every other peson in the Tipping competition – hardly an effective way to get the upper hand on your competition 😉

So how does one get the upper hand on work colleagues and lock those bragging rights in for another year? – With decent tips and insider information that’s actually relevant and first hand, that’s how!

Presented here therefore is an exhaustive list of the most respected and well known sports betting websites, Websites that have consistently proven themselves to be on the ball and ahead of the game when it comes to sports betting , predictions, tips, and overall knowledge. If you have been using a particular (FREE) service and it is not listed here then please do let us know via email so we can add that resource as well.


  • Sydney Morning Herald NRL Tipping
    6 of the SMH’s sports teams best tipsters share their thoughts about the last round results and provide their tips for next rounds winners – including commentary explaining why they think this. Great tips and I personally like the way I get an insight into how they reached that conclusion.
  • NRL’s official website is overloaded with news and stories relating to the latest round of NRL – including direct tips for those enjoying Footy Tipping competitions – hey that’s us!
  • Daily Telegraph’s NRL Tips
    The Daily Telegraph anaylses the games each and every week and their panel of experts breaks the game down for you. Within the link provided are multiple avenues for information, from tipsters to game wraps and breakdown analysis. Check them out and see what nuggets of gold they share with you for next rounds pick (See HERE for the direct article showing the Telegraph NRL experts providing NRL Tips)
  • The Thinker – NRL Tips from the Biggest Mind in NRL
    As it says, the thinker is a fantastic site where the minds of many come together to provide you with an abundance of Tipping goodness. The Thinker himself  shares his consistently good tips and this is reaffirmed (or sometimes contradicted) by NRL Tips from a plethora of guests and regular NRL expert contributors. Well in boys!
  • The Footy Forecaster
    Note too sure about this one – site looks horrible and not designed for human eyes but amongst the chaos and genuine 1993 site design looks like a lot of valuable and relevant information. Ill just leave it here and allow you to make that decision.