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I am, You Are, We Are Australian.

If I was to ask any Australian worth his salt what it is that defines us I would get a myriad of answers, all of which would include Beer, Sports, having a Punt and the importance of mates. So it goes without saying that Footy Tipping – an act that has somehow combined ALL OF THE ABOVE into one most enjoyable of endeavours – is one of this country’s favourite past times and something enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life. We are a nation of diverse cultures after all and if we aren’t having a ‘poke’ then you can bet your arse we’re having a punt on the doggies, the Melbourne Cup and of course any sporting event we can think of – any excuse really.

Footy Tipping truly is the marriage of Beer, Sports, Having a Punt and of course mates and as such it’s no surprise that when the NRL and AFL seasons begins it’s on for young and old – with footy tipping competitions appearing all over the country, from office to office. Some of these offices happen to be home to some rather large corporations, resulting in even more footy tipping competitions for the public to get involved with – providing the general public with the ability to take their knowledge of the game and their bag of AFL and NRL footy tips and turn them into something far greater than the typical office prize pool of 2 bottles of Veuve and that Red from the office storeroom no one wants to claim.

In fact this year one such company is holding a Footy Tipping competition worth ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Yep, I totally had to write that, and yep you totally read that correct. To find out more about this incredible opportunity visit SportsBet or simply follow the image below (or this link) to get involved and give yourself a chance at a share in $1,000,000 Aussie dollars!

win 10k cash every week with sportsbet footy tipping

What Other Footy Tipping Competitions Are There?

Our friends over at Luxbet are celebrating the AFL and Rugby League (NRL) season by offering some incredible sign up bonuses and will match your footy tipping wagers up to $1000. View their offer HERE or alternatively click the image below to discover just how advantageous a footy tipping account with Luxbet can be.. assuming you’re still not satisfied with the $1,000,000 being offered by SportsBet as part of their MILLION DOLLAR FOOTY TIPPING COMPETITION.

enjoy the best footy tipping bonuses and top nrl and afl tips with luxbet

SportsBet Million Dollar Footy Tipping Competition

I’ve already mentioned it – how could I not?! but considering that we are going through and looking at the various footy tipping competitions that are available to the general public to get involved with I thought I should officially talk about the greatest footy tipping competition of 2016, and quite possibly the biggest footy tipping competition and prize pool ever held in this country!

So what’s new for the SportsBet Million Dollar Footy Tipping Competition in 2016?

  • Quick Tip (tip the favourites or select randomise if you are feeling lucky)
  • A new margin rule to ensure a fairer competition
  • The removal of ‘best of club’ prizes allowing 3 x jackpot rounds where the weekly prize across AFL & NRL will be $20,000
  • Tippers now appear in position #1 on the ladder allowing better comparison with the leading tippers
  • A new look Match Info
  • Team selection is no longer compulsory – there is no excuse for that whinger who says “I don’t support a team” not to participate.
  • Watch out for 3 jackpot rounds in the AFL and NRL seasons. The weekly prize will double to $20,000. The best tippers of these 3 rounds win or share $20,000.
  • Check in throughout the season to view where the former winners are ranked in the current competitions. Nobody has ever ranked Top 10 twice.

You don’t have to be a big punter, insider or expert to enter the Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping competition but you do need to be a member. -> SIGN UP HERE <-

footy tipping with sportsbet for a share in 1 million dollars

The Best Tipsters every Round of the AFL & NRL seasons will win or share $10,000 cash per comp !! Or win a cool $100,000 cash for the Best Tipster of the Year or even $50,000 as a second prize. Then again, there is prize money worth $1,000,000 in hard cash waiting for everyone in the Million Dollar AFL and NRL Footy Tipping Competition.

What’s more you can enter now free of charge and at no stage are you obligated or forced to wager anything at all!  As long as you sign up for a Sportsbet account with a user name and password you have access to real cash prizes – it’s all about getting involved!

Australia’s richest tipping competitions is open exclusively to sportsbet.com.au members so sign up and start tipping today, it’s absolutely FREE to play – so don’t delay (I think I may, roll in the hay. Whaddya say?)


Ladbrokes Footy Tipping | 2016 NRL & AFL Tipping

Ladbrokes, one of the countries leading online sports bookmakers and the UK’s leading authority in the field of Sports Betting and Online Sports Gambling so it goes without saying that when Footy Season comes around in this great southern land of ours the boys at Ladbrokes also come to the party.

As is advertised below, both the AFL and NRL Tipping Comps include prize pools of over $25000, with the combined prize pool of $50,000 being more than enough to convince me to have a punt and try my luck with the footy tipping.** Remind me to share with you a hot tip actually! ** To enter and enjoy all the benefits you simply need to sign up to Ladbrokes and enjoy all the benefits that come with membership.

Not only do Ladbrokes provide all the latest AFL Tips and NRL Tips, they also provide a betting platform that is fast and friendly and is in my opinion one of the easiest interfaces and makes placing bets and finding events a breeze. Of course if you sign up through our class=”thirstylink” title=”Associate Link HERE” Associate Link HERE you will not only get the opportunity to join this and many other great footy competitions, you’ll also recieve a signup bonus of up to $500  – in that Ladbrokes will match up to $500 on your first bet, effectively starting your online sports betting experience with a $500 win!

ladbrokes online footy tipping competition Click image to join today and enjoy up to $500 in signup Bonuses


While the majority of footy tipping is aimed at the punter who {thinks he} knows his stuff, there are also a few reputable free footy tipping services that are the perfect choice when setting up or joining inter-office footy tipping comps and family battles. The two sites in question – which I will share below are both quality sites that at no stage will charge you for the privilige of joining or creating your own footy tipping competition. With the latest betting tips and NRL Betting and AFL Footy tips you can be assured that you’ll not only have a great experience playing in the footy tips comp, you’ll also get access to some really genuine advice and betting tips

ESPN Footy Tipping Competition 2016

EPSN Footy Tipping have been “Making Sports Fun since 1999” and whether you are looking to join an office AFL Tipping Competition or start your own intercompany NRL Tipping Competition, the ESPN Footy Tipping Website is your first and last destination.

Unlike the other AFL and NRL Tipping comps listed here, the ESPN Footy Tipping Comp is the free, family friendly office version you are probably already familiar with. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if you already have a login and don’t even realise it. Wheatever the case, if you are wanting to have some fun with your work colleagues and have a free harmless punt on the AFL or NRL then get over to FOOTYTIPS.COM.AU and signup yourself and your poor coworkers today!

espn footy tipping 2016 competition

iTip Footy – Free Footy Tipping Website

logo-headerIf you’re after an easy to use straight forward tipping interface you have come to the right place! Join or create a FREE NRL Tipping, AFL Tipping, Super Rugby, EPL or A-League tipping comp today. With iTipFooty you not only get access to an easy to use free footy tipping interface, you also get years of experience and one of the most reputable free footy tipping services – but don’t think there isn’t an opportunity to win cash!

In their words,“Start up a FREE NRL, AFL, Super Rugby, EPL or A-League competition online and challenge your friends, family or work mates. Run your tipping competition with iTipFooty.com.au and let us do all the work for you!”

iTip Footy footy tipping website

Triple M Footy 2016 NRL Tipping Comp.

The boys from Triple M are always up for a punt, and considering the fact that half the Grill team and some of the other team members are ex Rugby League players it is little wonder they get so bloody into it each year. 2016 is no exception, with Sterlo MG and the boys taking the piss and showing us all that those who CAN do may not necessarily be the best to teach others. That being said if you are looking for a 2016 AFL or NRL Footy Tipping competition that doesn’t take itself too seriously then you have come to the right place.

Join the Triple M Footy Tipping Comp and enjoy weekly prizes of $100, a grand prize of $5000 and all the bragging rights for the rest of the 2016 NRL Rugby League season – and that’s priceless mate!

triple m footy tipping nrl tips 2016


KIIS FM Footy Tipping 

Whether it’s AFL Tipping or NRL Tipping you are after I can guarantee you will not find anything even remotely close at KIIS FM. The Public Radio Network that is most famous for the idiotic duo of Kyle and Jackie O not only fail year in and year out to provide any sort of footy tipping or NRL/AFL related activity, they also fail to entertain, amuse or provide any meaningful addition to my existence – or anyone else’s for that matter… I can’t imagine many readers disagreeing, because if you disagreed you’d be on Twilight.com or IHaveNoOpinion.Net or CanIBeASheepToo.BAAAA.com and not here making educated decisions about punting on the footy like a true blue Aussie. Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O I call you both out for being unAustralian and for being gossip mongering Seppo wannabe’s

jackie o and kyle sandilands provide no value at all Even the photo can’t contain his oversized head and sloping forehead. If they did provide footy tips they would be based on outfits and game locations. Allllllrighty then

2GB Footy Tipping Competition 2016

Another Radio Station based out of Sydney in NSW, 2GB focus their attention on the League and provide an NRL Tipping competition that everyone can get involved in.

WELCOME TO THE 2016 RUGBY LEAGUE TIPPING COMP! is the sign that greets you when you visit the 2GB NRL Tipping Competition Page with the focus being on friends and family – because nothing is more satisfying then beating family members – except maybe winning the SportsBet Million Dollar Footy Tipping Comp

Your entry will be automatically entered in the overall competition and all-in any My Comps where you compete against friends or family. With a great weekly and a huge end-of-season prize to be won! Create or join up to mini-Leagues, invite friends, colleagues and relatives and compete against each other head-to-head in your private tipping competition.

2gb footy tipping nrl tipping competition

See Terms and Conditions Here

SGIO AFL Tipping Comp | The West Footy Tipping

This is the official AFL Tipping competition of the West Coast Eagles. Endorsed by the AFL, the West Coast Footy Tipping Comp is a great AFL Tipping competition that grows in popularity year after year. In 2016 you can expect even more:

  • The West Coast Eagles and Telstra are joining forces to give fans the chance to win West Coast Eagles gear every week!
  • Simply sign up to the competition and work your way up to the top with your tipping prowess each round.
  • Every week, the top tipper will take home a $50 West Coast Eagles Team Store voucher and the winner for the season will score a $200 voucher.
  • Good luck!

SGIO Footy AFL Tipping Competition 2016

Learn More and/or sign up to join the 2016 SGIO AFL Tipping Competition here

Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) NRL Tipping 2016 

Less of a competition and more of ….the best free NRL Footy tips you’ll find anywhere! The Sydney Morning Herald enjoys the Footy Tipping season but being based in NSW they focus all their energy on the League. If you are looking for impartial and relatively impressive tips for the next round of NRL then be sure to bookmark the SMH Footy Tipping page – complete with tips from 8 experts – and a page that is updated weekly so you always have the latest NRL tips at your disposal.

Visit them at http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/tipping or alternatively follow this link –> Sydney Morning Herald 2016 NRL Footy Tips – updated weekly

The Age Footy Tipping Comp. | AFL Footy Tips

Like their sister Newspaper in the north, the Age in Melbourne do not host their own AFL Tipping Competition per se, but they do provide some of the most indepth AFL tips from a pool of talented sports statisticians, ex AFL and VFL players and random sports nutters – which from what I understand is most of Melbourne. You Mexicans are cray cray when it comes to Football – but then I’d be too with a game as superior as Aussie Rules… but I digress.

Visit The AGE AFL Tips from the Experts to get the latest AFL Footy Tips and take your own AFL Tipping to the next level. Combine some of these tips with your SportsBet Million Dollar Footy Tipping Entries and Cash in bigtime!

Channel Nine WWOS Footy Tipping Competition 2016

wwos channel nine footy tipping prizesWith over $90,000 in cash and prizes to be won the Channel 9 Wide World Of Sports 2016 Footy Tipping Competition is one of the more popular public footy tipping events, with their website not only providing a portal for footy tipping but being updated with tips and advice from a panel of experts. As WWOS have so adequately said,

“Put your footy knowledge to the test. Sign-up now for your chance to win a brand new Nissan NP 300 Navara. Our top AFL tipster will be presented the top-of-the-range NP300 Navara ST-X at the Grand Final Footy Show. There are also ‘Top 5’ runner up prizes of Grand Final Footy Show experiences and weekly prizes of $500 cash.”

Note that Channel 9 WWOS also offer NRL Tipping and Super Rugby tips so fans of the other codes are covered, with grand end-of-year prizes on offer as well as weekly prizes, meaning it’s never too late to enter. The total prize pool across all competitions is more than $90,000. Good luck!

Official AFL Footy Tipping:

AFL Footy Tipping

Join the Official AFL Tipping Competition and share in over $550,000 worth of cash and prizes!

See this page HERE for the tipping guidelines, Footy Tipping FAQ and other details


See our AFL Tipping Guide or NRL Tipping Guide for more Resources, Expert Tips and ammunition to help you defeat your coworkers. FOR SPARTA!!!

footy tips to win office footy tipping competition