AFL Tipping 2016 footy tipping guide

nrl footy tipping competition 2017

When the Australian Football League and the National Rugby League seasons kick off….. oooooh nice bonus pun! – you find that the whole of the country starts to go a little bit mental.

For some this initiation is part and parcel of the code and comes with the territory while for others its just fun to jump on the bandwagon every once in a while – and why not!?

And then There’s Footy Tipping

Footy tipping is not so much an Aussie past time as it is an institution and signifies that time of the year when its socially acceptable to go to work wearing a tutu and Murv Hughes Moustache…..and not much else. It is that time of year when office rivalries become real and Dave from accounts is that close to getting a stapler thrown at his face – I swear to bloody god!

So when we found this meme we knew it was so spot on as to be rather concerning actually!…. meh, still funny as but

footy t ipping competition 2017

Do you Have any More Footy Tips?

Funnily enough, if you follow THIS LINK HERE then you’ll access our Footy Tipping Resources page which contains links and references to the best and most reliable footy tips online – for all codes!

Office rivalries, bragging rights, League wankers, Aerial Ping Pong tight shorts brigade and Dave from accounting – what a pelican!
Footy Tipping is more than an excuse to get violent at work, its an Australian institution – and even those who have no interest in either footy code and think AFL and NRL are both stupid sports find themselves in the throng of footy season enjoying the rivalries and interoffice challenges that spontaneously erupt in workplaces across the country.

best afl and nrl footy tips 2017

I feel another meme is in order now because the passion with which I want to destroy my coworkers is actually bordering on concerning and I wonder how I can have so much seething passion for a team I haven’t followed in over a decade!? Go South Melbourne!… I mean Sydney!!!

Why Are Office Footy Tipping Competitions so Fun?

I have no idea but this meme that I randomly just decided to make pretty much sums up how I feel – again I have no idea WHY but then it’s Friday afternoon and my brain officially went home around 11am…

So whether you do it FORSPARTA or FOR THE WEEKEND, the important thing is that when Footy season next comes around and you are invited to the office footy tipping competition for 2017 – you do it for Sparta!!!!!!

footy tips to win office footy tipping competition

Looking for AFL Footy Tips? – SO is Chris Rock

chris rock needs afl footy tips badly

What About NRL Tips?

nrl footy tips and tipping competition 2017