Formed in 1993, SportsBet have grown to become one of the most trusted and well respected online sports betting services in Australia. With a slew of member bonuses and constantly added features – like the Sportsbet Cash Card which allows punters instant access to their winnings at any ATM in the country – we decided to find out what all the fuss is about and see for ourselves what makes SportsBet the number 1 Online Bookmaker in the country.

Here is our straight up no BS Review of SportsBet and SportsBet Mobile

History, Location and Licensing Authority

Nearly bankrupt in 2005, Australian bookmaker Sportsbet was acquired in 2009 by the Irish bookmaking powerhouse, Paddy Power.

Originally founded in Darwin in 1993, Sportsbet is one of the original players in the online sports betting game. With a proven history of sports betting and a list of satisfied customers that stretches a mile long, SportsBet has survived to become one of Australia’s premier online bookmaker. The only hiccup in their history was back in 2005 when bankruptcy nearly claimed the life of SportsBet but the company was taken over by Matthew Tripp (Now BetEasy CEO). Tripp quickly expanded Sportsbet from eight employees to 250 before eventually selling 51% and relinquishing control of the company to Irish gaming giant Paddy Power in 2009.  In September that year Sportsbet acquired All Sports Ltd, the owners of IASbet. In 2010 it was announced that Paddy Power would acquire full ownership of Sportsbet. This process was completed in March 2011. In June & July of 2011 both the Sportsbet and IASbet websites were overhauled to utilise the same website interface, but with different templates. In August 2014 the IASbet website was discontinued with IASbet memberships transferred over to Sportsbet

Since this time SportsBet have leveraged the pulling power and experience of Paddy Power to become Australia’s top rated online sports betting agency and the most reputable online bookmaker in this country.

SportsBet Sign Up Bonus and Ongoing Benefits

free money when you play with sports bet australia

When you join SportsBet through you can enjoy the benefits of our relationship with up to $250 worth of credit – provided on the simple condition that you also match that amount. Basically SportsBet will match your deposit up to $250 meaning you can deposit $250 and instantly enjoy betting on your chosen sports with $500 worth of credit.

sportsbet promotions

As the above banner advertises so correctly, SportsBet is the king of the FREE BET and offers more special event goodies and overall value than any other online sports bookmaker – and yep, you can quote me on that! Here’s just a sample of the sort of value you can expect to get as a valued member of SportsBet Tipping:

SportsBet Special Member Benefits & Betting Bonuses

sportsbet promotions for Aussies

  • Justice Payouts And Refunds Robbed of a winning bet by a bad beat or something out of this world? Then we may return all bets. Sportsbet make sure punters don’t lose as a result of a poor decision or an obvious error by officials.
  • Top Tote Plus. Get the best returns of the 3-TABs or Starting Price on Every Race ? Every Day.
  • Daily Racing Specials. Get your cash back on nominated Horse Races every day of the week!
  • Protest Payout. Introducing the Protest Payout ? Every Race, Every Day!
  • Refer A Friend. Get $100 Bonus Bet for referring a friend to SportsBet or the SportsBet App
  • Early Payouts. You don’t have to wait for your money when your bet looks nailed on to win.
  • Money Back Specials Get your money back on a losing bets thanks to Sportsbet Daily CASH BACK specials
  • Cash Out With Ease – with SportsBet’s ATM Card you can access your winnings the moment they do


  • Punter of the Week rewards members who consistently pick the winners and/or consistently break even when putting on non head to head sports like NRL and AFL

sportsbet punter of the week

  • Million Dollar Footy Tipping Competition – Do I really need to say any more? $10,000 weekly prizes and a grand prize of 100k with 50k to the runner up makes this the richest and most exciting AFL and NRL Footy Tipping competition this country has ever seen. Get involved and turn your knowledge and luck of your chosen footy code into cold hard cash – entry is free and all you need to qualify is have an active SportsBet membership – so sign up -> HERE <- take advantage of the $250 signup bonus and then get to tipping. Who knows, 2016 could be your year so why not give yourself a shot at 100 grand at the same time?!

footy tipping with sportsbet for a share in 1 million dollars 2 Click image above to find out more about SportsBet Footy Tipping and other member benefits

SportsBet Mobile – the SportsBet App Review

sportsbet mobile and sportsbet app review

The Greatest Invention Since Sliced Bread Online Sports Betting

Get access to Australia’s most advanced mobile betting site right from your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone by visiting Back your team or runner right now, anywhere, anytime!

The new mobile site will give you access to a range of new features including quick access to sports or racing events, live betting with live odds as well as racing with live odds, racing futures, a dedicated and more dynamic betslip which enables you to easily switch between bet types or price types and much much more! Find out how to download your SportsBet App and start enjoying all the benefits of online betting with SportsBet Mobile, Visit Sportsbet to find out more

Money – Deposit & Withdrawal Options

When new users register with Sportsbet, their first deposit could be as low as $10 with every deposit method except for POLi, which requires that users make a deposit of at least $30. The minimum bet that users are allowed to make could be as low as $0.01 online, and $50 for racing and $20.00 for sports via the telephone. The minimum bet for ‘live’ betting or ‘in running’ sporting events on an Account is $1 per bet – As opposed to this, the maximum payout a user may make at any given point is  AUD $500,000 unless there have been previous negotiations. To see full terms and conditions of Sportsbet Click Here.

Line of Credit: For existing members who have been registered with Sportsbet for a certain period of time, there are credit facilities provided where members are allowed to apply for a credit betting facility that reaches up to $5000.

However, one of the better aspects of this offer is that Sportsbet has a $200 credit facility ready for its customers automatically when they register with the organization. For users who like to remain updated constantly through their mobile phones about different offers and promotions, there is a fully functional mobile app for Sportsbet. This does not only update users about betting offers but also houses a betting facility and allows users to deposit funds and review their credit history. The app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android Apps.

SportsBet Cash Card – Access Your Winnings From Any ATM!

Probably one of the biggest breakthroughs in online sports betting and the entire online gambling industry is the introduction of the CashCard. Ladbrokes (see review here) broke new ground when they introduced this and it did not take long for all the other major players to follow suit. What the SPortsBet Cash Card does is effectively turn your online sportsbetting account into another bank account with a direct debit card allowing you to access this ‘line of credit’ from any ATM in the country.

sportsbet cash card for easy access to your winnings

Deposit options for Sportsbet range from Visa and MasterCard and SecurEFT, Neteller, Skrill Moneybookers, Paypal, a simple procedural bank transfer, BPAY, standard cheques or money orders. Withdrawal options are varied as well, ranging from bank transfers, paypal, BPAY, cheques, Skrill Moneybookers and Neteller.

Perhaps one of the least features aspects of Sportsbet is that there are no transaction fees. Users are able to make their bets and receive their winnings without any overhead or hidden charges, this ensures that all  your winnings actually go to you and are not divided between 55 middle men and some foreign policy from a country you’ll never visit. Several different currencies are accepted at Sportsbet as well, owing to the fact that it is an international betting station. The currencies accepted are AUD, NZD, USD, EUR, GBP, HKD and SGD.

SportsBet Site Navigation and Usability 

We could talk all day long about how this online bookmaker is laid out and how their website’s interface is conducive to a good online sports betting experience but at the end of the day we only want to know three things:

How easy is it to find the sports  you want, choose a betting option, and then place said bet?

To put it bluntly – very bloody easily! SportsBet has been doing their homework and listening to their customers it appears because since we last reviewed the popular online bookmaker there have been some significant changes to their website and the user interface that punters are greeted with when they first log in.

Usability and punter friendliness must have been prerequisites.

Laid out in the always reliable three column layout SportsBet have simplified their homepage offerings by providing all your Sports and Quick Links on the left, providing further betting information and match fixture information in the middle column or main body (depending on what the user has chosen from the left) and a right hand column that not only displays the most relevant bonus offers and betting specials but also provides members with an editable ‘Quick Links’ box so they can customise the page to meet their individual gambling needs.

The Member Betting Slip is also located on the right and provides you with an instant update on what bets have been placed and what the status is on these bets (waiting to jump, racing etc) As you input wager amounts the total stake and estimated returns are automatically displayed. Multi betting and exotic multi betting options are available, however flexi betting is not supported.
The Sportsbet interface uses a beginner-friendly three-column layout, with sports listed on the left, markets and odds in the centre and the betting slip on the right.

When you click on a sport the page is refreshed to display the sub markets (such as specific leagues) in both the navigation menu and centre column. If you select a sport like soccer a drop down menu will appear in the centre column that enables you to select a specific league. Displayed below this is a list of upcoming fixtures. If you select a specific league like the AFL the centre column will instead display links to futures markets, with upcoming fixtures listed below them.

For the fixture odds you will typically have head-to-head, winning margin, line and total score markets displayed, depending on the sport. If the event will be aired on Australian television, an icon of the TV channel will be shown next to the fixture name. SportsBet have really put a lot of energy and focus into providing relevant information and over delivering on member benefits and value as they have made sure to provide additional markets and important information relating to the event or sport – which is highlighted to the right of each event. Clicking on the link displays the full range of betting markets for that event.

sportsbet online betting website review SportsBet have created a very user friendly and easy to navigate online sports betting website

Sports Betting and Racing Bets

For punters who enjoy combining their gambling options across racing and sporting events with multis and exotic multis will be pleasantly surprised with the way Sportsbet have seamlessly integrated the two areas, allowing punters to mix and match their browsing and providing the easy access Betting Slip so additional bets can be made and withdrawn with ease.

Markets, Margins, & Odds

Sports Markets

Sportsbet offers both a great range of sports markets and a good depth of betting options for each fixture. Its biggest strength is Australian sport. Fans of NRL, AFL and Super Rugby won’t be disappointed, with up to 40 markets for each fixture. International punters won’t be disappointed either, with a broad array of additional markets such as volleyball, handball, golf, cycling, and American sports. As is always the case with bookmakers, football (soccer) is well covered, with up to 100 soccer markets across over 100 leagues. In addition to sport, entertainment, some basic finance and politics betting is also available. We have personally been using SportsBet exclusively as there are more than enough markets and betting options to keep the majority of us happy.

In terms of Markets, there isn’t a sport that can be punted on that SportsBet do not have listed on their sites or their SportsBet Mobile App – one of the reasons they are Australia’s premiere online bookmaker – but when it comes to odds and margins you will be pleasantly surprised to find SportsBet sitting comfortably in the area called the ‘Australian Online Sports Betting Average”
Note however that different margins are offered for each sport and in many instances the Australian based sports betting sites have been disadvantaged by the higher margins that are naturally offered on Australian sports like AFL and NRL.

Bookmaker Margin

In our most recent bookmaker margin survey, Sportsbet had an average bookmaker margin of 5.2%, which is above the survey average of 4.9%. From the punter’s perspective the lower the margin, the better. Note that like most online sports bookmakers, Sportsbet reduces its margins in the build up to events. For example, NRL and Super Rugby line odds typically open on Monday/Tuesday with 1.90 odds and shift to 1.92 by Friday.

Sportsbet is more competitive in futures markets. In our most recent survey it had an average margin of 14.7%, which is below the survey median of 16.2%.

Read this article on Margins Explained for more information but know that its all rather confusing and extremely uninteresting so just say “OK I get it” and let’s all just move on shall we 😉

To put it into perspective (how incessantly confusing it is I mean) here are some comparative results and industry average figures for you:

  • The average surveyed margin was 4.7% while the median margin was 4.9%.
  • Pinnacle Sports, Matchbook and Marathonbet are in a league of their own, with margins consistently below 3%.
  • SBOBET and Betfair have the next lowest margins, (at 4.6 and 4.8%) followed by a cluster of Australian-licensed bookmakers.
  • SPORTSBET sits just above the industry average with a Margin of 5.2% putting it on par with Tom Waterhouse, William Hill, and Unibet
  • The bookmakers with the highest margins were 10Bet and ComeOn, who were hurt by the bias towards Australian sports in this survey. They are generally much more competitive in international sports.

So What Does All This Mean?

how to win more betting on sports online OK so if the…. no, wait. DAMMIT!

If we were to take the margins for each of the various online sports betting sites and average the head-to-head margins achieved by using the best available odds from across the surveyed betting agencies we would get a result of 0.6% across all ‘markets’ This low 0.6% margin highlights the value of shopping around for the best online sports betting site (A 0.6% margin equates to an even line bet at 1.988 odds.) but also highlights the reason why trying to understand Margins is stupid! No really – now take all this data and cross filter it against each individual sport or ‘Market’ because as mentioned, each one necessitates different margins – and then you get to a point where you wonder if eating chicken for dinner or wearing red underwear will indirectly affect the margin – because even I can’t guarantee it won’t.

It’s all rather discombobulating actually – think I’ll just go and have a punt on race 7 instead

SportsBet Betting Options

  • Top Tote Plus. Get the best returns of the 3-TABs or Starting Price on Every Race. Every Day.
  • Multi Bet. Multi Bet Feature which enables you to combine win, place and each-way wagers in the one multi bet!
  • Quaddie Betting. The great Australian quaddie betting tradition is about betting small, winning big!
  • Trebble Betting. Just like a 3 leg quaddie! Get the UNiTAB dividends betting on the Treble
  • Daily Doubles. Pick the winner of the 2 daily double races and share in pooled dividends.
  • Super 6. Pick the winner of the 6 consecutive races and win huge dividends.
  • Place Cards. Select a horse in each race on the card to run a place and win. Fixed odds!
  • Black Book. Add your favourite horses & dogs to your free Black Book and be notified next race.
  • Flexible Options. Invest a fixed stake on all racing exotics & multiple wagers for a % of the dividend.
  • First 4. Select the horses in a race to finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th and pocket monster dividends.
  • One Match Multibet. Bet on multiple outcomes in the same AFL match.
  • Internet Credit. Interest free credit for internet customers from as little as $200.00.
  • Mystery Bets. Available on all Greyhound, Harness and Horse Races!
  • Bet Live and In Play. Sportsbet offering Live and In Play betting on Sports Events

 whats new at sports bet

Our SportsBet Review Summary & Verdict

Sportsbet is an excellent betting service for modest stakes punters and has one of the best selections of sports and racing events on which you can wager. The interface is modern and feature-packed, with strong support for multi betting. At the same time, it is still easy to use and intuitive, which makes Sportsbet a great option for beginners. The betting selection is excellent, particularly for Australian sports, and with SportsBets’ frequent betting promotions and free competitions it is one of the best online bookmakers and the most popular choice for Australian punters of all experience and skill level.

SportsBet is a Good Choice If:

As we just mentioned, SportsBet is a great choice for pretty much any Australian who is keen for a punt or wants to put their money where their mouth is every once a in a while, but where SportsBet really shines is where it caters to the average Aussie – the one that enjoys a punt but doesnt want to understand margins and odds. SportsBet allows the average Australian punter to enjoy an incredible user friendly interface, easy to understand betting options and some of the most lucrative and generous promotions and member only offers so it goes without saying that SportsBet is a great choice for anyone and everyone who appreciates great value and consistent service.

SportsBet is a Bad Choice If:

Seasoned campaigners and professional punters may become frustrated by Sportsbet’s inclination to limit the accounts of successful members (a common practice in Australia, unfortunately) and supporters of American sports and other non mainstream codes may be limited to main match fixtures and related events as SportsBet does not have the licensing to cover smaller international events and minor leagues. SportsBet is a bad choice for anyone who appreciates exceptional value and exemplary levels of customer service, because honestly that is what you can expect when you join SportsBet as a valued member of Australia’s best online bookmaker and sports betting service.

What are you waiting for? Click the image below, join SportsBet and enjoy a $250 signup bonus bet – just because.

sportsbet 250 free australian dollars