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R1 Majestic Son Trot Nsw Four & Five-year-old Final (group 2)25/06/2017 11:34amBet Now
R2 2017 Rising Stars Heat (penalty Exempt)25/06/2017 12:12pmBet Now
R3 Breeders Challenge 4YO Mares Final (Group 1)25/06/2017 12:52pmBet Now
R4 Breeders Challenge 3YO Fillies Final (Group 1)25/06/2017 1:32pmBet Now
R5 Breeders Challenge 2YO Fillies Final (Group 1)25/06/2017 2:12pmBet Now
R6 Breeders Challenge 2YO Colts & Geldings Final (Group 1)25/06/2017 2:46pmBet Now
R7 Breeders Challenge 4YO Entires & Geldings Final (Group 1)25/06/2017 3:23pmBet Now
R8 Len Smith Mile (Group 1)25/06/2017 3:57pmBet Now
R9 Breeders Challenge 3YO Colts & Geldings Final (Group 1)25/06/2017 4:27pmBet Now
R10 Don Clough OAM Stakes25/06/2017 4:57pmBet Now
R1 3C0 Only Pace27/06/2017 1:03pmBet Now
R2 Dm Plumbing Trotters Standing Start Handicap27/06/2017 1:38pmBet Now
R3 Macarthur Lexus Pace27/06/2017 2:17pmBet Now
R4 Allied Express Pace27/06/2017 2:52pmBet Now
R5 C91.3fm Pace27/06/2017 3:23pmBet Now
R6 Garrards Horse And Hound Claiming Pace27/06/2017 4:03pmBet Now
R7 Christmas In July At Club Menangle Claiming Pace27/06/2017 4:35pmBet Now
R8 National Trotguide Pace27/06/2017 5:10pmBet Now
R1 Dnr Logistics Pace24/06/2017 4:57pmBet Now
R2 Aldebaran Park Trot24/06/2017 5:33pmBet Now
R3 Dehired Pace Final24/06/2017 6:02pmBet Now
R4 Haras Des Trotteurs Trot24/06/2017 6:30pmBet Now
R5 Alabar Richmond Lass (group 3)24/06/2017 7:00pmBet Now
R6 Allied Express Pace24/06/2017 7:30pmBet Now
R7 N & J Carlin Painting Services Pace24/06/2017 8:00pmBet Now
R8 Eight Homes Trot24/06/2017 8:30pmBet Now
R9 Hyland Sportswear Pace24/06/2017 9:00pmBet Now
Albion Park
R3 Kevin & Kay Seymour Pot Of Gold C0 Heat 223/06/2017 1:03pmBet Now
R4 Burwood Stud 2yo Pace23/06/2017 1:38pmBet Now
R5 C1 To C2 Pace23/06/2017 2:13pmBet Now
R6 Pryde's Easifeed Pace23/06/2017 2:48pmBet Now
R7 Kevin & Kay Seymour Pot Of Gold C0 Final23/06/2017 3:20pmBet Now
R8 Garrard's Here On Track Claiming Pace23/06/2017 3:55pmBet Now
R9 Aphrc Winter Carnival Pace23/06/2017 4:24pmBet Now
R10 Lunchbox Lodge Spelling Farm Pace23/06/2017 4:57pmBet Now
R1 Ubet Band 5 / Band 3 Pace24/06/2017 4:30pmBet Now
R2 Kevin & Kay Seymour Rising Stars Championship C1/c2 Final24/06/2017 5:07pmBet Now
R3 Garrard's Horse & Hound Band 5 Pace24/06/2017 5:43pmBet Now
R4 Rod Vinter 70th Birthday Band 5 Pace24/06/2017 6:13pmBet Now
R5 Wondais Mate Open (listed)24/06/2017 6:38pmBet Now
R6 Ubet - Multi Builder Claiming Pace24/06/2017 7:07pmBet Now
R7 Pryde's Easifeed Band 5 Conditioned Pace24/06/2017 7:37pmBet Now
R8 Seymour Group Qualifying B Pace24/06/2017 8:05pmBet Now
R9 Egmont Park Stud Mares Pace24/06/2017 8:37pmBet Now
R10 Rio Meteor Sulky Qualifying Pace24/06/2017 9:07pmBet Now
R1 Pryde's Easifeed Trotters Handicap27/06/2017 12:42pmBet Now
R2 Kevin & Kay Seymour Rising Stars Championship Band 5 - Heat 127/06/2017 1:17pmBet Now
R3 Kevin & Kay Seymour Rising Stars Championship Band 5 - Heat 227/06/2017 1:55pmBet Now
R4 Burwood Stud 2yo Pace27/06/2017 2:37pmBet Now
R5 Lunchbox Lodge Spelling Farm Trotters Handicap27/06/2017 3:12pmBet Now
R6 Changeover At Burwood Stud 2yo Pace27/06/2017 3:43pmBet Now
R7 Egmont Park Stud 3yo Pace27/06/2017 4:14pmBet Now
R8 Garrard's Here On Track Claiming Pace27/06/2017 4:43pmBet Now
R9 C2 To C3 Pace27/06/2017 5:18pmBet Now
R1 Tab Pace24/06/2017 4:25pmBet Now
R2 Yirribee Pacing Stud Harness Breeders Nsw Bonus Scheme Pace24/06/2017 5:04pmBet Now
R3 Bruce Hales Tiles & Bricks Pace24/06/2017 5:39pmBet Now
R4 Marshall Batteries Lavington Pace24/06/2017 6:07pmBet Now
R5 Pet Stock Lavington Pace24/06/2017 6:34pmBet Now
R6 Hunters Wagga Wagga Pace24/06/2017 7:04pmBet Now
R7 Bradys Railway Hotel Pace24/06/2017 7:34pmBet Now
R8 Lavington Lions 3yo Maiden Pace24/06/2017 8:07pmBet Now
R1 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (4yo Entires & Geldings) (1st Heat)23/06/2017 5:33pmBet Now
R2 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (4yo Mares) (1st Heat)23/06/2017 5:58pmBet Now
R3 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (4yo Mares) (2nd Heat)23/06/2017 6:30pmBet Now
R4 3ba Fm 102.3 Pace23/06/2017 7:00pmBet Now
R5 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (4yo Entires & Geldings) (2nd Heat)23/06/2017 7:30pmBet Now
R6 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (4yo Entires & Geldings) (3rd Heat)23/06/2017 8:00pmBet Now
R7 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (4yo Entires & Geldings) (4th Heat)23/06/2017 8:30pmBet Now
R8 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (4yo Mares) (3rd Heat)23/06/2017 9:00pmBet Now
R9 Nextra Wendouree Village Newsagency Pace23/06/2017 9:30pmBet Now
R1 Tabtouch 2yo Ms Pace (sky 2)24/06/2017 7:17pmBet Now
R2 Sky Racing 2yo Ms Pace (sky 2)24/06/2017 7:47pmBet Now
R3 Hit Fm Ms Pace (sky 2)24/06/2017 8:25pmBet Now
R4 Aqwest Fillies And Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)24/06/2017 8:52pmBet Now
R5 Jones Boys Commercial Trade Centre Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)24/06/2017 9:23pmBet Now
R6 Bva Metal Fabrication Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)24/06/2017 9:52pmBet Now
R7 Arctic Air Ms Pace (sky 1)24/06/2017 10:15pmBet Now
R8 Gwn7 News Ms Pace (sky 1)24/06/2017 10:44pmBet Now
R9 Graduation Ms Pace (sky 1)24/06/2017 11:10pmBet Now
R1 Queanbeyan Carpets Pace23/06/2017 4:50pmBet Now
R2 Queanbeyan Premix Concrete Pace23/06/2017 5:25pmBet Now
R3 J W O'sullivan & Sons 3yo Pace23/06/2017 5:50pmBet Now
R4 Tab.com.au Pace23/06/2017 6:20pmBet Now
R5 Royal Hotel Bistro Bungendore 2yo Pace23/06/2017 6:54pmBet Now
R6 Parkhaven Motor Lodge Nowra Pace23/06/2017 7:24pmBet Now
R1 Mypunter.com Pace25/06/2017 4:42pmBet Now
R2 Aldebaran Park Trotters Handicap25/06/2017 5:10pmBet Now
R3 Mark Gurry & Associates Pace25/06/2017 5:37pmBet Now
R4 Hyland Harness Colours 3yo Pace25/06/2017 6:07pmBet Now
R5 Decron Pace25/06/2017 6:42pmBet Now
R6 Hygain Pace25/06/2017 7:18pmBet Now
R7 Christmas In July - 15/7 Pace25/06/2017 7:53pmBet Now
R8 Blue Hills Rise Pace25/06/2017 8:25pmBet Now
R9 Seelite Windows & Doors 3yo Trot25/06/2017 8:55pmBet Now
R1 Cub Pace Division One25/06/2017 5:22pmBet Now
R2 Argosy Mobile25/06/2017 5:52pmBet Now
R3 Tr & Kr Shipton Mobile Division Two25/06/2017 6:28pmBet Now
R4 Thorate Bar Claimer25/06/2017 7:02pmBet Now
R5 Dignas Cuisine Pace25/06/2017 7:37pmBet Now
R6 Linx Coffee Mobile25/06/2017 8:12pmBet Now
R1 Niota Stud 3yo Pace27/06/2017 4:56pmBet Now
R2 Echuca Moama Storage Pty Ltd 2yo Pace27/06/2017 5:32pmBet Now
R3 A & R Water Solutions Trotters Handicap27/06/2017 6:02pmBet Now
R4 Thank You To Our Volunteers Pace27/06/2017 6:30pmBet Now
R5 Echuca Moama Print & Design Pace27/06/2017 7:04pmBet Now
R6 Northern Rivers Equine Veterinary Clinic Pace27/06/2017 7:34pmBet Now
R7 Echuca Workers & Services Club Pace27/06/2017 8:01pmBet Now
R8 Bendigo Bank Pace27/06/2017 8:32pmBet Now
Globe Derby
R1 Schweppes Australia Pace23/06/2017 6:24pmBet Now
R2 Trotsguide.com.au Pace23/06/2017 7:04pmBet Now
R3 Ubet Claiming Pace23/06/2017 7:34pmBet Now
R4 Hopkins Saddlery Trotters Handicap23/06/2017 8:14pmBet Now
R5 Lion Pty Ltd 3yo Pace23/06/2017 8:41pmBet Now
R6 Dpr Insurance Brokers Pace23/06/2017 9:11pmBet Now
R7 Bgc Industrial Cleaning Supplies 2yo Pace23/06/2017 9:44pmBet Now
R1 Ubet Pace24/06/2017 6:45pmBet Now
R2 Bgc Industrial Cleaning Supplies Pace24/06/2017 7:12pmBet Now
R3 Dpr Insurance Brokers Pace24/06/2017 7:42pmBet Now
R4 Trotsguide.com.au Pace (sa Young/concession Drivers Series)24/06/2017 8:12pmBet Now
R5 Maughan Thiem Ford Everest 3yo Pace24/06/2017 8:45pmBet Now
R6 Lion Pty Ltd Trotters Discretionary24/06/2017 9:14pmBet Now
R7 Hygain Micrspeed 2yo Pace24/06/2017 9:40pmBet Now
R1 Lion Dairy & Drinks 3yo Trotters Handicap26/06/2017 12:42pmBet Now
R2 Pfd Food Services 3yo Pace26/06/2017 1:17pmBet Now
R3 Just Wrecking Toyota's Pace26/06/2017 1:52pmBet Now
R4 Hygain Pak-cell Trotters Handicap26/06/2017 2:33pmBet Now
R5 Maughan Thiem Ford Mondeo Pace26/06/2017 3:10pmBet Now
R6 Globe Derby Trainers Pace26/06/2017 3:44pmBet Now
R7 C1 Only Pace26/06/2017 4:22pmBet Now
R8 Trotsguide.com.au Claiming Pace26/06/2017 4:51pmBet Now
Gloucester Park
R1 C1 To C4 Ms Pace (sky 1)23/06/2017 6:50pmBet Now
R2 Christmas In July At The Beau Rivage Ms Pace (sky 1)23/06/2017 7:20pmBet Now
R3 Trotsynd - The Cheapest And Easiest Way To Own A Horse Ms Pace (sky 1)23/06/2017 7:52pmBet Now
R4 2yo Westsired Ms Pace (sky 1)23/06/2017 8:24pmBet Now
R5 Buy A Share In A Horse Today With Trotsynd Ms Pace (sky 1)23/06/2017 8:54pmBet Now
R6 3yo Westsired Ms Pace (sky 1)23/06/2017 9:24pmBet Now
R7 Winter Cup Ms Pace (sky 1)23/06/2017 9:57pmBet Now
R8 $7 Pints At Jp`s Sportsbar The Lombardo Fillies And Mares Qualifying Heat 3 (sky 1)23/06/2017 10:35pmBet Now
R9 Try Our New Winter Menu At Steelo`s Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)23/06/2017 11:10pmBet Now
R10 Www.gloucesterpark.com.au Ms Pace (sky 1)23/06/2017 11:42pmBet Now
R1 Book Into The Beau Rivage Restaurant 3yo Westbred Fillies Ms Pace (sky 1)26/06/2017 2:23pmBet Now
R2 $7 Pints At Jp`s Every Friday Trotters Discretionary Handicap (sky 1)26/06/2017 3:03pmBet Now
R3 Chef Batsons Famous Ribs At Jp`s Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)26/06/2017 3:38pmBet Now
R4 Steelo`s Bistro At Gloucester Park Ms Pace (sky 1)26/06/2017 4:14pmBet Now
R5 Book Your Next Conference At Gloucester Park Fillies And Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)26/06/2017 4:40pmBet Now
R6 Buy A Share In A Horse With Trotsynd Ms Pace (sky 1)26/06/2017 5:05pmBet Now
R7 Follow Gloucester Park On Facebook Ms Pace (sky 1)26/06/2017 5:39pmBet Now
R8 Www.gloucesterpark.com.au Ms Pace (sky 1)26/06/2017 6:11pmBet Now
R1 Sutter Hanover Pace Division One23/06/2017 4:46pmBet Now
R2 Green Electrical Pace Division One23/06/2017 5:11pmBet Now
R3 Rexel North Hobart Pace Division Two23/06/2017 5:37pmBet Now
R4 Luxbet Pace23/06/2017 6:05pmBet Now
R5 Dandy Patch Final23/06/2017 6:34pmBet Now
R6 Vale Phil Northeast Pace23/06/2017 7:05pmBet Now
R7 Evicus Final23/06/2017 7:36pmBet Now
R8 Ifihadyourluck Pace Division Two23/06/2017 8:04pmBet Now
R9 Cascade Draught Pace23/06/2017 8:35pmBet Now
R10 Stonebridge Regal Pace23/06/2017 9:11pmBet Now
R1 Aldebaran Park Trot26/06/2017 11:15amBet Now
R2 Seelite Windows & Doors Trot (1st Div)26/06/2017 11:44amBet Now
R3 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (2yo Trotting Fillies) (1st Heat)26/06/2017 12:19pmBet Now
R4 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (2yo Trotting Colts & Geldings) (1st Heat)26/06/2017 12:53pmBet Now
R5 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (2yo Trotting Colts & Geldings) (2nd Heat)26/06/2017 1:33pmBet Now
R6 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (2yo Trotting Fillies) (2nd Heat)26/06/2017 2:08pmBet Now
R7 Harness Breeders Victoria Pace26/06/2017 2:43pmBet Now
R8 Humbletonian Day 31 August Pace26/06/2017 3:18pmBet Now
R9 Seelite Windows & Doors Trot (2nd Div)26/06/2017 3:50pmBet Now
R1 Ron Charles Leading Owner Of The Year 3yo & Older Pace23/06/2017 1:52pmBet Now
R2 Ray Hepworth Leading Driver Of The Year Pace23/06/2017 2:23pmBet Now
R3 Barry Bottoms Leading Trainer Of The Year Pace23/06/2017 3:03pmBet Now
R4 Jim Gibbs Volunteer Of The Year 3yo Pace23/06/2017 3:38pmBet Now
R5 Paddy Dunn Leading Horse Of The Year Pace23/06/2017 4:12pmBet Now
R6 Bill Lister Pony Driver Of The Year Pace23/06/2017 4:40pmBet Now
R7 Leo Mccarthy Leading Concession Driver Of The Year Pace23/06/2017 5:15pmBet Now
R1 Garrards Horse & Hound Pace23/06/2017 4:32pmBet Now
R2 Nsw Rising Stars Heat (penalty Exempt)23/06/2017 5:07pmBet Now
R3 Tooheys Pace23/06/2017 5:40pmBet Now
R4 Nsw Rising Stars Heat (penalty Exempt)23/06/2017 6:10pmBet Now
R5 Coca Cola Pace23/06/2017 6:40pmBet Now
R6 Nsw Rising Stars Heat (penalty Exempt)23/06/2017 7:10pmBet Now
R7 Treasury Wines Pace23/06/2017 7:40pmBet Now
R8 Towers Transport Ladyship Pace23/06/2017 8:10pmBet Now
R9 Garaty Murnane Insurance Brokers Pace23/06/2017 8:37pmBet Now
R10 Pacers Restaurant Winter Warmers 3yo Pace23/06/2017 9:07pmBet Now
R11 Dfk Crosbie 2yo Fillies Pace23/06/2017 9:37pmBet Now
R1 Pacers Restaurant Winter Warmers Three Year Fillies Pace26/06/2017 11:52amBet Now
R2 Ave Technologies Three Year Old Colts & Geldings Pace26/06/2017 12:25pmBet Now
R3 Newcastle Transport Specialists Maiden Pace26/06/2017 1:03pmBet Now
R4 Like Us On Facebook - Newcastle Harness.com.au Ladyship Pace26/06/2017 1:40pmBet Now
R5 Global Bloodstock Pace26/06/2017 2:15pmBet Now
R6 Somerset Meats Pace26/06/2017 2:50pmBet Now
R7 Follow Us On Twitter - Newcastle Harness Pace26/06/2017 3:24pmBet Now
R8 Pfd Food Services Pace26/06/2017 4:03pmBet Now
R9 Canadian Club Pace26/06/2017 4:30pmBet Now
R1 3yo Ms Pace (sky 1)27/06/2017 6:50pmBet Now
R2 Community Tab Ms Pace (sky 1)27/06/2017 7:22pmBet Now
R3 Hlb Mann Judd Business And Financial Advisors Ms Pace (sky 1)27/06/2017 7:52pmBet Now
R4 Wa Country Builders Ms Pace (sky 1)27/06/2017 8:23pmBet Now
R5 Discretionary Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)27/06/2017 8:53pmBet Now
R6 Ebm Corporate John Higgins Qualifying Heat 1 Ms Pace (sky 1)27/06/2017 9:29pmBet Now
R7 Avon Waste Ms Pace (sky 1)27/06/2017 10:02pmBet Now
R8 Westbred Graduation Ms Pace (sky 1)27/06/2017 10:30pmBet Now
R1 R2 To R3 Pace26/06/2017 5:22pmBet Now
R2 Redcliffe Leagues Club Conditioned Pace26/06/2017 5:53pmBet Now
R3 No Gain Without Hygain Fillies & Mares Pace26/06/2017 6:20pmBet Now
R4 Hustler Super Z Pace26/06/2017 6:45pmBet Now
R5 Grand Prix Mazda Aspley & Caboolture Pace26/06/2017 7:15pmBet Now
R6 Five Star Horse Transport Handicap26/06/2017 7:45pmBet Now
R7 Stevie Redback Pest Control Pace26/06/2017 8:14pmBet Now
R8 Garrards On Track Here At Redcliffe Trot26/06/2017 8:46pmBet Now
R1 Nathan's Farrier Service Nsw State Bred Pace24/06/2017 4:42pmBet Now
R2 Global Bloodstock Pace24/06/2017 5:19pmBet Now
R3 Tab.com.au Pace24/06/2017 5:50pmBet Now
R4 Lounges Plus Stocktake Sale Pace24/06/2017 6:23pmBet Now
R5 Tamworth Hrc Winter Warmer Stakes24/06/2017 6:53pmBet Now
R6 Stockman's Supplies Tamworth Encouragement Stakes24/06/2017 7:23pmBet Now
R7 Lounges Plus Made For You Pace24/06/2017 7:53pmBet Now
R8 Prydes Easifeed Three Year Old Pace24/06/2017 8:20pmBet Now
R1 Union Club Hotel Pace27/06/2017 4:27pmBet Now
R2 Southwest Stockfeeds Pace27/06/2017 5:03pmBet Now
R3 C0 To C1 Pace27/06/2017 5:43pmBet Now
R4 Terry Hinchcliffe Surveyors Pace27/06/2017 6:10pmBet Now
R5 Nesbitts Furniture Ladyship Nsw State Bred Pace27/06/2017 6:40pmBet Now
R6 J & C Powderly Electrical & Renewable Energy 3yo Pace27/06/2017 7:13pmBet Now
R7 R H Blake & Co Pace27/06/2017 7:43pmBet Now
R8 Boulevarde Motor Inn Pace27/06/2017 8:14pmBet Now
R9 Conquest Pools 2yo Pace27/06/2017 8:41pmBet Now
Alexandra Park
R1 Wish For Fish Fundraiser Race Night 21 July Mobile Pace23/06/2017 3:29pmBet Now
R2 Mitavite Trot23/06/2017 3:59pmBet Now
R3 Streamline Freight Mobile Pace23/06/2017 4:28pmBet Now
R4 Dawson Harford & Partners Handicap Trot23/06/2017 4:54pmBet Now
R5 Rsm Fillies & Mares Mobile Pace23/06/2017 5:21pmBet Now
R6 Sektor Handicap Trot23/06/2017 5:46pmBet Now
R7 Lincoln Farms Bloodstock Mobile Pace23/06/2017 6:16pmBet Now
R8 Always B Miki At Alabar Mobile Pace23/06/2017 6:46pmBet Now
R9 Pascoes The Jewellers Handicap Pace23/06/2017 7:16pmBet Now
R10 Fashion At The Park 15th September Mobile Pace23/06/2017 7:44pmBet Now
R1 Marlborough Hrc Life Members Trot25/06/2017 9:05amBet Now
R2 Peter Yealands Wines Mobile Pace25/06/2017 9:35amBet Now
R3 Lee & Laurie Wilde Pace25/06/2017 10:00amBet Now
R4 Haack Construction Marlborough Mobile Pace25/06/2017 10:30amBet Now
R5 Speights Trot25/06/2017 10:57amBet Now
R6 Asure Accommodation Group Mobile Pace25/06/2017 11:32amBet Now
R7 Crafar Crouch Construction Handicap Pace25/06/2017 12:08pmBet Now
R8 Two Tree Lodge Mobile Pace25/06/2017 12:47pmBet Now
R9 Peter Yealands Wines Marlborough Winter Cup (handicap Pace)25/06/2017 1:24pmBet Now
R10 The Pres - Great Value At $2000 Plus Gst Handicap Trot25/06/2017 1:49pmBet Now
R11 Auto & Marine Services Kaikoura Mobile Pace25/06/2017 2:27pmBet Now
R12 Thanks Addington Mobile Pace25/06/2017 2:53pmBet Now