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Are you up for the most exciting and most enjoyable racing event that you have ever witnessed in your life? Then greyhound racing may be the race event for you. Greyhound racing takes its roots way back in history and this is all possible thanks to the greyhound’s unique physical traits.The dog is made for racing victory. It is like dog with a Formula 1 body and engine; it is made for tough speeds. The greyhound is capable of outrunning fast animals without overworking its body and when you have a greyhound as a pet; it will likely overpower you and outrun you as well.

Here are the racing markets where you may find the best bets to take:

The Meadows
R1 Tab Rewards (handicap)24/06/2017 6:43pmBet Now
R2 Rock? Paper? Scissors24/06/2017 7:05pmBet Now
R3 The Tom Beaton Stakes (1-4 Wins) Final24/06/2017 7:28pmBet Now
R4 Happy 60th Birthday Frank24/06/2017 7:47pmBet Now
R5 Have Your Say On The Draft Code24/06/2017 8:10pmBet Now
R6 Rsn - Racing & Sport24/06/2017 8:28pmBet Now
R7 Home Of 9 Group 1's24/06/2017 8:50pmBet Now
R8 Meadows Conference & Events Centre24/06/2017 9:12pmBet Now
R9 Join The 525 Club Now24/06/2017 9:31pmBet Now
R10 Hudson Pacific24/06/2017 9:47pmBet Now
R11 Downtown Cleaning24/06/2017 10:10pmBet Now
R12 Draft Code Feedback Ends August 14th24/06/2017 10:25pmBet Now
Wentworth Park
R1 Ladbrokes Odds Boost Stks24/06/2017 6:58pmBet Now
R2 Follow Us On Facebook Stks24/06/2017 7:17pmBet Now
R3 Stakes24/06/2017 7:35pmBet Now
R4 Stks24/06/2017 7:58pmBet Now
R5 Ladbrokes Multimaker Final24/06/2017 8:17pmBet Now
R6 Ladbrokes Monthly Medal Ht24/06/2017 8:42pmBet Now
R7 Ladbrokes Monthly Medal Ht24/06/2017 9:05pmBet Now
R8 Stakes24/06/2017 9:28pmBet Now
R9 @wpgrey On Twitter Stks24/06/2017 9:45pmBet Now
R10 Stakes24/06/2017 10:02pmBet Now
R1 Draft Code Feedback Ends August 14th23/06/2017 6:38pmBet Now
R2 The Beckley Centre Geelong23/06/2017 6:58pmBet Now
R3 Country Link Rural Supplies Lara23/06/2017 7:18pmBet Now
R4 Grv Vic Bred Series Final (1-4 Wins)23/06/2017 7:38pmBet Now
R5 Pet 7:57pmBet Now
R6 Millers Muzzles23/06/2017 8:19pmBet Now
R7 Jims Mowing - Geelong23/06/2017 8:35pmBet Now
R8 Outline Print Design23/06/2017 8:58pmBet Now
R9 Tts Electrics Veterans23/06/2017 9:19pmBet Now
R10 Premier Boloney @ Stud23/06/2017 9:42pmBet Now
R11 Xtreme Technology23/06/2017 10:02pmBet Now
R12 Have Your Say On The Draft Code23/06/2017 10:19pmBet Now
Albion Park
R1 Ubet - Download The App25/06/2017 4:57pmBet Now
R2 Zillmere Sports Club25/06/2017 5:14pmBet Now
R3 Garrard's Horse And Hound25/06/2017 5:31pmBet Now
R4 Thirty Talks @ Stud25/06/2017 5:54pmBet Now
R5 Twitter @ Brisgreys25/06/2017 6:19pmBet Now
R6 Clint's Caravan Warehouse25/06/2017 6:44pmBet Now
R7 Sky Racing25/06/2017 7:04pmBet Now
R8 Box 1 Photography25/06/2017 7:26pmBet Now
R9 Brisgreys.com25/06/2017 7:45pmBet Now
R10 Ubet - The New Tab25/06/2017 8:04pmBet Now
R11 8:23pmBet Now
R12 Aspley Leagues Club25/06/2017 8:44pmBet Now
R12 Snow23/06/2017 12:57pmBet Now
R1 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht123/06/2017 2:42pmBet Now
R2 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht223/06/2017 2:58pmBet Now
R3 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht323/06/2017 3:17pmBet Now
R4 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht423/06/2017 3:42pmBet Now
R5 Railway Station Hotel23/06/2017 4:03pmBet Now
R6 Goldfields Catering23/06/2017 4:21pmBet Now
R7 Triple M Bendigo 93.523/06/2017 4:45pmBet Now
R8 Bendigo Advertiser23/06/2017 5:02pmBet Now
R9 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht523/06/2017 5:20pmBet Now
R10 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht623/06/2017 5:38pmBet Now
R11 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht723/06/2017 5:55pmBet Now
R12 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht823/06/2017 6:18pmBet Now
R1 Welcome To Bulli Greys Stks24/06/2017 5:44pmBet Now
R2 Southern Engine Recondition Mdn24/06/2017 6:04pmBet Now
R3 Ladbrokes Odds Boost Stks24/06/2017 6:22pmBet Now
R4 Ladbrokes Info Hub Stks24/06/2017 6:40pmBet Now
R5 Happy B'day Daniel Mcdougall Stks24/06/2017 7:02pmBet Now
R6 Ladbrokes Ride Guide Stks24/06/2017 7:22pmBet Now
R7 Bulli Tues - Thurs Trials Stks24/06/2017 7:44pmBet Now
R8 Aus-pump Concrete Services Stks24/06/2017 8:02pmBet Now
R9 Ladbrokes Multi Maker Stks24/06/2017 8:25pmBet Now
R10 Bulli Racing Every Saturday Stks24/06/2017 8:47pmBet Now
R1 Free Entry Tabtouch Park24/06/2017 8:35pmBet Now
R2 Box 1 Restaurant24/06/2017 8:57pmBet Now
R3 Get The Tabtouch24/06/2017 9:20pmBet Now
R4 Property Plus Real Estate24/06/2017 9:37pmBet Now
R5 Book For Christmas In July24/06/2017 9:57pmBet Now
R6 "the Westcha$e" (final)/city/52024/06/2017 10:14pmBet Now
R7 Brittons Formal Wear24/06/2017 10:32pmBet Now
R8 Community Newspaper Group24/06/2017 10:49pmBet Now
R9 Skyracing.tv24/06/2017 11:07pmBet Now
R10 Fast Fun Affordable24/06/2017 11:30pmBet Now
R11 Bet Local Bet Tabtouch24/06/2017 11:49pmBet Now
R12 Leap Lead Love25/06/2017 12:05amBet Now
R5 Casino R.s.m Club Stakes23/06/2017 12:52pmBet Now
R6 Charcoal Inn Stakes23/06/2017 1:07pmBet Now
R7 Palmerbet Stakes23/06/2017 1:26pmBet Now
R8 Mcdonald's Pharmacy Stakes23/06/2017 1:49pmBet Now
R9 Royal Hotel Casino Stakes23/06/2017 2:17pmBet Now
R10 B.g.a Agri-services Stakes23/06/2017 2:39pmBet Now
R11 Kyogle Fairymount Vet Clinic Stks23/06/2017 3:04pmBet Now
R12 Sasha's On Cook St Stakes23/06/2017 3:21pmBet Now
R1 All Gate Proceeds To Ryan Mdn25/06/2017 4:39pmBet Now
R2 Medley Refrigeration Maiden25/06/2017 5:03pmBet Now
R3 Racing Here 29th June Maiden25/06/2017 5:27pmBet Now
R4 Dig Deep For Ryan Stakes25/06/2017 5:49pmBet Now
R5 Ladbrokes Stakes25/06/2017 6:12pmBet Now
R6 Sending Our Support To Ryan Stks25/06/2017 6:33pmBet Now
R7 Dubbo Cyms Supports Ryan Stks25/06/2017 6:54pmBet Now
R8 Marty Nelson Air Conditioning Stks25/06/2017 7:10pmBet Now
R9 Online Auction For Ryan Stakes25/06/2017 7:32pmBet Now
R10 Ryan Medley Appeal Stakes25/06/2017 7:51pmBet Now
R11 Like Dubbo Greyhounds On Fb Stks25/06/2017 8:07pmBet Now
R7 Smith & Clader Sign Co (250+rank)23/06/2017 12:58pmBet Now
R8 Tab - We Love A Bet (250+rank)23/06/2017 1:15pmBet Now
R9 Straights Functions & Events (250+rank)23/06/2017 1:42pmBet Now
R10 Draft Code Feedback Ends 14/8 (250+)23/06/2017 2:04pmBet Now
R11 (250+rank)23/06/2017 2:27pmBet Now
R12 Racing Here Sunday (250+rank)23/06/2017 2:52pmBet Now
R1 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com23/06/2017 3:14pmBet Now
R2 Sky Racing23/06/2017 3:33pmBet Now
R3 Greyhound-data.com23/06/2017 3:52pmBet Now
R4 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com23/06/2017 4:17pmBet Now
R5 Clint's Caravan Warehouse23/06/2017 4:37pmBet Now
R6 Golden View Greyhound Complex23/06/2017 4:55pmBet Now
R7 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com23/06/2017 5:12pmBet Now
R8 Gj Walsh & Co23/06/2017 5:30pmBet Now
R9 Gentablue Pet Food23/06/2017 5:48pmBet Now
R10 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com23/06/2017 6:07pmBet Now
R1 Swifts Rlfc24/06/2017 4:21pmBet Now
R2 Blackall Street Butcher24/06/2017 4:44pmBet Now
R3 Growth Focus Consulting24/06/2017 5:09pmBet Now
R4 Swifts Rlc Jnrs24/06/2017 5:27pmBet Now
R5 Kropps Mechanical24/06/2017 5:52pmBet Now
R6 Swifts Rlc Snrs24/06/2017 6:14pmBet Now
R7 My Plumber24/06/2017 6:31pmBet Now
R8 Court Plumbing & Drainage24/06/2017 6:48pmBet Now
R9 Unblock Plumbing24/06/2017 7:08pmBet Now
R10 Swifts Sports Club24/06/2017 7:25pmBet Now
R1 Luxbet.com26/06/2017 7:04pmBet Now
R2 Luxbet Club Xtra Roc26/06/2017 7:28pmBet Now
R3 Luxbetter App Luxbetter Odds26/06/2017 7:49pmBet Now
R4 8:09pmBet Now
R5 M.luxbet.com26/06/2017 8:28pmBet Now
R6 Luxbet26/06/2017 8:51pmBet Now
R7 Luxbet Club Xtra26/06/2017 9:10pmBet Now
R8 Luxbet - Best Of The Best26/06/2017 9:32pmBet Now
R9 Luxbet.com26/06/2017 9:48pmBet Now
R10 Luxbet Racing Centre26/06/2017 10:07pmBet Now
R1 $39 Friday Buffet23/06/2017 8:15pmBet Now
R2 Essential Refrigeration Services23/06/2017 8:32pmBet Now
R3 Elders Insurance Call Justin23/06/2017 8:52pmBet Now
R4 Book For Christmas In July23/06/2017 9:16pmBet Now
R5 Mandurah Mail23/06/2017 9:35pmBet Now
R6 A1 Salvage & Hardware23/06/2017 9:55pmBet Now
R7 Sign Strategy Call Phil23/06/2017 10:11pmBet Now
R8 Greyhoundswa23/06/2017 10:27pmBet Now
R9 Get The Tabtouch23/06/2017 10:47pmBet Now
R10 Prime Trophies23/06/2017 11:07pmBet Now
R11 Property Plus Real Estate23/06/2017 11:27pmBet Now
R12 Leap Lead Love23/06/2017 11:46pmBet Now
Mount Gambier
R1 Laser Electrical Maiden Stake25/06/2017 11:27amBet Now
R2 Metal Worx Maiden Stake25/06/2017 11:48amBet Now
R3 Classicbet Stake25/06/2017 12:13pmBet Now
R4 The Koroit (n/p) Feature Stake25/06/2017 12:33pmBet Now
R5 Trackside Meats Free For All25/06/2017 12:52pmBet Now
R6 South Eastern Hotel Stake25/06/2017 1:12pmBet Now
R7 Gambier Vets Stake25/06/2017 1:38pmBet Now
R8 The Produce Store Mixed Stake25/06/2017 2:02pmBet Now
R9 Allestree Holiday Units Stake25/06/2017 2:23pmBet Now
R10 Berringa Park Stake25/06/2017 2:43pmBet Now
R11 Klaassens Contractors Stake25/06/2017 3:04pmBet Now
R12 Stake25/06/2017 3:25pmBet Now
R1 Ladbrokes Maiden Final23/06/2017 6:48pmBet Now
R2 Stks23/06/2017 7:08pmBet Now
R3 Wentworthville Leagues Club Mdn23/06/2017 7:28pmBet Now
R4 Evolution Windows Stakes23/06/2017 7:49pmBet Now
R5 Swift Fancy @ Stud Stakes23/06/2017 8:08pmBet Now
R6 Angostura Llb Stakes23/06/2017 8:28pmBet Now
R7 Sires On Ice Stakes23/06/2017 8:46pmBet Now
R8 Bess Electrical Stakes23/06/2017 9:05pmBet Now
R9 Steeline Riverstone Stakes23/06/2017 9:28pmBet Now
R10 Giavisor Australia Stakes23/06/2017 9:49pmBet Now
R11 Globe Memorial Company Stakes23/06/2017 10:05pmBet Now
R1 Wandocka Ag Services25/06/2017 4:24pmBet Now
R2 Seafood Plus Morwell Final25/06/2017 4:47pmBet Now
R3 Iga Heyfield (0-2 Wins)25/06/2017 5:07pmBet Now
R4 Gippsland Real Estate Pty Ltd25/06/2017 5:34pmBet Now
R5 Timberline General Store Ht125/06/2017 5:57pmBet Now
R6 Rodwells - Arthur Hay Memorial Ht125/06/2017 6:22pmBet Now
R7 Heyfield Truck Repairs - A, Hay Mem. Ht225/06/2017 6:39pmBet Now
R8 Moroney's Alpine Meats25/06/2017 7:00pmBet Now
R9 Graham's Seeds - Tom Lanigan Mem. Ht125/06/2017 7:23pmBet Now
R10 Bushy Park Pony Club - T. Lanigan Ht225/06/2017 7:42pmBet Now
R11 Toby Wyeth Memorial Ht225/06/2017 8:01pmBet Now
R12 Toby Wyeth Memorial Ht325/06/2017 8:20pmBet Now
R5 Steves Fat Feed Co Stake23/06/2017 12:49pmBet Now
R6 Strath Chicken Shop Stake23/06/2017 1:12pmBet Now
R7 Ten Sixty Two Kennels23/06/2017 1:32pmBet Now
R8 Neville Hains Memorial23/06/2017 1:52pmBet Now
R9 Daish Irrigation And Fodder23/06/2017 2:07pmBet Now
R10 Metro Roller Doors Stake23/06/2017 2:32pmBet Now
R11 Next Lending Stake23/06/2017 2:49pmBet Now
The Gardens
R1 Unibet Gardens Maiden23/06/2017 2:46pmBet Now
R2 Bishop Collins Maiden23/06/2017 3:07pmBet Now
R3 Peter Kelly Appreciation Stakes23/06/2017 3:28pmBet Now
R4 Da - Ice Stakes23/06/2017 3:49pmBet Now
R5 From The Track Stakes23/06/2017 4:09pmBet Now
R6 No Donuts At Stud Stakes23/06/2017 4:29pmBet Now
R7 Stks23/06/2017 4:48pmBet Now
R8 Smart Missile @ Stud Stakes23/06/2017 5:05pmBet Now
R9 Sires On Ice Stakes23/06/2017 5:23pmBet Now
R10 Stakes23/06/2017 5:45pmBet Now
R11 Keybow At Stud Stakes23/06/2017 6:03pmBet Now
R12 Unibet Lucky Last Stakes23/06/2017 6:22pmBet Now
R1 Welcome To Unibet Gardens Stks24/06/2017 4:27pmBet Now
R2 Red Tv Maiden24/06/2017 4:47pmBet Now
R3 Da - Ice Maiden24/06/2017 5:12pmBet Now
R4 Bishop Collins Stakes24/06/2017 5:37pmBet Now
R5 Get Well Soon Kev Crowfoot Stks24/06/2017 5:59pmBet Now
R6 Smart Missile @ Stud Stakes24/06/2017 6:17pmBet Now
R7 No Donuts @ Stud Stakes24/06/2017 6:35pmBet Now
R8 Mua Here To Stay Stakes24/06/2017 6:55pmBet Now
R9 Awesome Project Stakes24/06/2017 7:14pmBet Now
R10 Sires On Ice Stakes24/06/2017 7:40pmBet Now
R11 Woy Woy Poultry Stakes24/06/2017 8:05pmBet Now
R12 Grnsw Pathways Stakes24/06/2017 8:22pmBet Now
R1 Rutter's Butchery & Poultry24/06/2017 4:39pmBet Now
R2 Dishlicker Coats24/06/2017 4:54pmBet Now
R3 Grv Vic Bred Maiden Series Final24/06/2017 5:09pmBet Now
R4 Brown Wigg Traralgon24/06/2017 5:24pmBet Now
R5 Follow Us Instagram @ Traralgongreyhound24/06/2017 5:47pmBet Now
R6 Life Members Cup24/06/2017 6:07pmBet Now
R7 Glenview Cup Final24/06/2017 6:27pmBet Now
R8 R & A Precision Automotive24/06/2017 6:52pmBet Now
R9 Winning Post Supplies24/06/2017 7:11pmBet Now
R10 Simic's Betta Home Living24/06/2017 7:32pmBet Now
R11 Draft Code Feedback Ends August 14th24/06/2017 7:52pmBet Now
R12 Racing At Traralgon 26th June24/06/2017 8:14pmBet Now
R1 Wwr Sawdust (debutants)23/06/2017 6:28pmBet Now
R2 Murphy's Greyhound Complex23/06/2017 6:45pmBet Now
R3 Have Your Say On The Draft Code23/06/2017 7:01pmBet Now
R4 Morland's Meats (1-4 Wins) Damsels Dash23/06/2017 7:22pmBet Now
R5 Mel's Kitchen (1-4 Wins) Damsels Dash23/06/2017 7:45pmBet Now
R6 East Ivanhoe Grocers23/06/2017 8:02pmBet Now
R7 Top Run Images (1-4 Wins) Damsels Dash23/06/2017 8:25pmBet Now
R8 Blue Stream Pictures23/06/2017 8:49pmBet Now
R9 Australian Quality Pet Foods23/06/2017 9:09pmBet Now
R10 Endeavour Locksmiths23/06/2017 9:32pmBet Now
R11 Tab - We Love A Bet23/06/2017 9:52pmBet Now
R12 Draft Code Feedback Ends August 14th23/06/2017 10:08pmBet Now
R1 Absolutely Electrical23/06/2017 2:15pmBet Now
R2 First Security C1 Final23/06/2017 2:37pmBet Now
R3 Liquorland Wanganui23/06/2017 2:57pmBet Now
R4 Laser Plumbing Wanganui23/06/2017 3:15pmBet Now
R5 Wanganui Toyota C3 Final23/06/2017 3:40pmBet Now
R6 Palamountains Scientific Nutrition23/06/2017 4:10pmBet Now
R7 Aon Cpf23/06/2017 4:39pmBet Now
R8 Wanganui Chronicle23/06/2017 5:04pmBet Now
R9 Liqourland Wanganui23/06/2017 5:32pmBet Now
R10 The Rock 95.2fm23/06/2017 5:57pmBet Now
R11 Adept Accountants23/06/2017 6:26pmBet Now
R12 Book Your Function @ Hatrick23/06/2017 6:56pmBet Now
R1 Holbrook Vet Centre Mdn23/06/2017 4:34pmBet Now
R2 Ladbrokes Appreciation Mdn23/06/2017 4:51pmBet Now
R3 Rules Club Stakes23/06/2017 5:08pmBet Now
R4 Ladbrokes Final23/06/2017 5:27pmBet Now
R5 The Appliance Man Stakes23/06/2017 5:52pmBet Now
R6 Graeme Hull Smash Repairs Stks23/06/2017 6:15pmBet Now
R7 Simaroo Lodge Stakes23/06/2017 6:35pmBet Now
R8 Warrens Flyer Stakes23/06/2017 6:52pmBet Now
R9 Tasty Tucker Stakes23/06/2017 7:15pmBet Now
R10 Grnsw Pathways Stakes23/06/2017 7:31pmBet Now
R1 Snicko Sprint25/06/2017 11:06amBet Now
R2 Trophies Plus Sprint25/06/2017 11:24amBet Now
R3 Bigtime Kinvara Sprint25/06/2017 11:41amBet Now
R4 Hewlett Electrical Series Final25/06/2017 11:59amBet Now
R5 Ate To Much Sprint25/06/2017 12:19pmBet Now
R6 Sergio Stakes25/06/2017 12:39pmBet Now
R7 Pump And Engineering Services Sprint25/06/2017 12:59pmBet Now
R8 Stitches Upholstery Stakes25/06/2017 1:18pmBet Now
R9 Winsome Opawa Stakes25/06/2017 1:35pmBet Now
R10 Nz Sires Produce Stakes (group 2)25/06/2017 1:59pmBet Now
R11 Carol's Tab Clendon Inn Stakes25/06/2017 2:20pmBet Now
R12 Plasterboard Ltd Sprint25/06/2017 2:40pmBet Now
R1 Formpro Ratings Free Every Monday26/06/2017 10:09amBet Now
R2 J P Print, Petone26/06/2017 10:27amBet Now
R3 Greyhounds As Pets C226/06/2017 10:45amBet Now
R4 Use 11:02amBet Now
R5 Happy Birthday Georgia Cole26/06/2017 11:20amBet Now
R6 Affordable Pet Accessories26/06/2017 11:37amBet Now
R7 Steve 'the Auctioneer' Davis26/06/2017 11:57amBet Now
R8 Tab Supports Greyhounds26/06/2017 12:12pmBet Now
R9 Outback Trading Company26/06/2017 12:39pmBet Now
R10 Tab Fixed Odds26/06/2017 12:57pmBet Now
R11 Prestons Master Butchers26/06/2017 1:14pmBet Now
R12 Happy Birthday Mr. President26/06/2017 1:37pmBet Now