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Are you up for the most exciting and most enjoyable racing event that you have ever witnessed in your life? Then greyhound racing may be the race event for you. Greyhound racing takes its roots way back in history and this is all possible thanks to the greyhound’s unique physical traits.The dog is made for racing victory. It is like dog with a Formula 1 body and engine; it is made for tough speeds. The greyhound is capable of outrunning fast animals without overworking its body and when you have a greyhound as a pet; it will likely overpower you and outrun you as well.

Here are the racing markets where you may find the best bets to take:

Sandown Park
R1 Speed Star Super Sunday 10/920/08/2017 1:02pmBet Now
R2 Trials Streamed Via Twitter20/08/2017 1:26pmBet Now
R3 Follow Us @sandowndogs20/08/2017 1:48pmBet Now
R4 Happy Birthday Peter (1-4 Wins) Ht120/08/2017 2:09pmBet Now
R5 (2-3 Wins)20/08/2017 2:28pmBet Now
R6 Sky Racing20/08/2017 2:44pmBet Now
R7 Rsn - Racing & Sport (1-4 Wins) Ht220/08/2017 3:04pmBet Now
R8 Tab - We Love A Bet20/08/2017 3:32pmBet Now
R9 Greyhound Adopt Program (1-4 Wins) Ht320/08/2017 3:48pmBet Now
R10 Greyhound Community Fund20/08/2017 4:12pmBet Now
R11 #welovethedogs (250+ Rank)20/08/2017 4:32pmBet Now
R12 (250+ Rank)20/08/2017 4:52pmBet Now
The Meadows
R1 Join The 525 Club Now19/08/2017 6:42pmBet Now
R2 Look Good Feel Better (1-3 Wins)19/08/2017 7:08pmBet Now
R3 Ajs Corporation (2-3 Wins)19/08/2017 7:27pmBet Now
R4 Rsn - Racing & Sport19/08/2017 7:50pmBet Now
R5 Tab - We Love A Bet19/08/2017 8:08pmBet Now
R6 The Snow Queen Final19/08/2017 8:27pmBet Now
R7 Home Of 9 Group 1's19/08/2017 8:50pmBet Now
R8 Bacchus Marsh Florist19/08/2017 9:12pmBet Now
R9 Sky Racing Final19/08/2017 9:35pmBet Now
R10 Sequential Property Services19/08/2017 9:57pmBet Now
R11 Wine In A Glass19/08/2017 10:17pmBet Now
R12 Topcat Video19/08/2017 10:39pmBet Now
Wentworth Park
R1 Stakes19/08/2017 6:57pmBet Now
R2 Ladbrokes Info Hub 2-5win Ht119/08/2017 7:20pmBet Now
R3 Ladbrokes Odds Boost Stks19/08/2017 7:38pmBet Now
R4 Ladbrokes Info Hub 2-5win Ht219/08/2017 7:57pmBet Now
R5 Ladbrokes Info Hub 2-5win Ht319/08/2017 8:20pmBet Now
R6 Hit Me Baby One Last Time Stks19/08/2017 8:42pmBet Now
R7 Ladbrokes Info Hub 2-5win Ht419/08/2017 9:05pmBet Now
R8 Ladbrokes Monthly Medal Fnl19/08/2017 9:27pmBet Now
R9 Stakes19/08/2017 9:50pmBet Now
R10 Stakes19/08/2017 10:09pmBet Now
R1 Burns Archer Realty22/08/2017 2:25pmBet Now
R2 Beckley Park Community Market22/08/2017 2:47pmBet Now
R3 Xtreme Technology22/08/2017 3:14pmBet Now
R4 Premier Boloney @ Stud22/08/2017 3:34pmBet Now
R5 Merv Jennings Signs22/08/2017 3:58pmBet Now
R6 Tts Electrics22/08/2017 4:20pmBet Now
R7 Topcat Video Productions22/08/2017 4:35pmBet Now
R8 Country Link Rural Supplies Lara22/08/2017 4:50pmBet Now
R9 Jims Mowing - Geelong22/08/2017 5:07pmBet Now
R10 Nardi Produce (1-2 Wins)22/08/2017 5:25pmBet Now
R11 P & R Food Services (1-2 Wins)22/08/2017 5:42pmBet Now
R12 Pet 6:02pmBet Now
Albion Park
R1 Ubet - Download The App20/08/2017 5:00pmBet Now
R2 Zillmere Sports Club20/08/2017 5:17pmBet Now
R3 Garrard's Horse And Hound20/08/2017 5:37pmBet Now
R4 Thirty Talks @ Stud20/08/2017 5:59pmBet Now
R5 Twitter @ Brisgreys20/08/2017 6:22pmBet Now
R6 Clint's Caravan Warehouse20/08/2017 6:49pmBet Now
R7 Sky Racing20/08/2017 7:12pmBet Now
R8 Box 1 Photography20/08/2017 7:34pmBet Now
R9 Brisgreys.com20/08/2017 7:57pmBet Now
R10 Ubet - The New Tab20/08/2017 8:13pmBet Now
R11 8:38pmBet Now
R12 Aspley Leagues Club20/08/2017 9:00pmBet Now
R1 Thirty Talks @ Stud21/08/2017 6:13pmBet Now
R2 Twitter @ Brisgreys21/08/2017 6:35pmBet Now
R3 Asset Body Corporate Bribie Island21/08/2017 6:57pmBet Now
R4 Garrard's Horse And Hound21/08/2017 7:20pmBet Now
R5 Clint's Caravan Warehouse21/08/2017 7:38pmBet Now
R6 Sky Racing21/08/2017 8:01pmBet Now
R7 Box 1 Photography21/08/2017 8:25pmBet Now
R8 Brisgreys.com21/08/2017 8:49pmBet Now
R9 Ubet - The New Tab21/08/2017 9:10pmBet Now
R10 9:25pmBet Now
R1 The Fitz Sports Bar Sprint22/08/2017 12:17pmBet Now
R2 Barron's Supplies Stakes Heat 122/08/2017 12:40pmBet Now
R3 Happy Birthday Jim Smith Dash22/08/2017 12:56pmBet Now
R4 Barron's Supplies Stakes Heat 222/08/2017 1:16pmBet Now
R5 A2b Asphalt Canterbury Sprint22/08/2017 1:41pmBet Now
R6 Amber Cleaning Services Dash22/08/2017 1:56pmBet Now
R7 Barron's Supplies Stakes Heat 322/08/2017 2:16pmBet Now
R8 Carol's T.a.b. Clendon Inn Sprint22/08/2017 2:36pmBet Now
R9 Barron's Supplies Stakes Heat 422/08/2017 2:56pmBet Now
R10 Dave Robbie Photographer Dash22/08/2017 3:11pmBet Now
R11 Glenbyre Tavern Sprint22/08/2017 3:28pmBet Now
R12 Protexin Dash22/08/2017 3:46pmBet Now
R1 Sinclair Meats21/08/2017 11:14amBet Now
R2 11:34amBet Now
R3 R & J Batteries21/08/2017 11:54amBet Now
R4 Brendan Dodd Signs21/08/2017 12:12pmBet Now
R5 Lynette's Florist (1-2 Wins)21/08/2017 12:34pmBet Now
R6 Eureka Concrete21/08/2017 12:52pmBet Now
R7 Lynette's Florist21/08/2017 1:17pmBet Now
R8 Energis Smart Energy Solutions21/08/2017 1:37pmBet Now
R9 Mega Merch Rural & Pet21/08/2017 1:52pmBet Now
R10 Topcat Video21/08/2017 2:20pmBet Now
R11 Bottle-o21/08/2017 2:42pmBet Now
R12 Strides Function Centre21/08/2017 2:57pmBet Now
R1 Ladbrokes Odds Boost Maiden21/08/2017 3:17pmBet Now
R2 Shakey Jakey @ Stud 0-2 Heat121/08/2017 3:37pmBet Now
R3 Fifty 8 George Stakes21/08/2017 4:03pmBet Now
R4 Shakey Jakey @ Stud 0-2 Heat221/08/2017 4:24pmBet Now
R5 Vic Hotel Stakes21/08/2017 4:47pmBet Now
R6 Stakes21/08/2017 5:05pmBet Now
R7 Stan Cassidy Memorial Stakes21/08/2017 5:20pmBet Now
R8 Ladbrokes Monthly Medal Final21/08/2017 5:39pmBet Now
R9 Bathurst Rsl Club Stakes21/08/2017 5:58pmBet Now
R10 Race Sponsorships Available Stks21/08/2017 6:16pmBet Now
R1 Ladbrokes Odds Boost Mdn19/08/2017 6:02pmBet Now
R2 Mr Bugs Pest Control Mdn19/08/2017 6:22pmBet Now
R3 Ladbrokes Cash In 1-2win Stks19/08/2017 6:47pmBet Now
R4 Ladbrokes Ride Guide 1-2win Stks19/08/2017 7:11pmBet Now
R5 Canberra Fnl19/08/2017 7:30pmBet Now
R6 Ladbrokes Info Hub Stakes19/08/2017 7:47pmBet Now
R7 Southern Engine Recondition Stks19/08/2017 8:11pmBet Now
R8 Camden Golf Club 0-2win Stks19/08/2017 8:31pmBet Now
R9 Ladbrokes Cash Out 0-2win Stks19/08/2017 8:54pmBet Now
R10 Bulli Racing Monday Aug 28 Stks19/08/2017 9:09pmBet Now
R1 The Climate Doctor Maiden20/08/2017 3:54pmBet Now
R2 Maiden20/08/2017 4:17pmBet Now
R3 Canberra Mowers Service Mdn20/08/2017 4:39pmBet Now
R4 Stakes20/08/2017 5:03pmBet Now
R5 Tab We Love A Bet Stakes20/08/2017 5:21pmBet Now
R6 B.firm Golden Oldies Stakes20/08/2017 5:44pmBet Now
R7 Gibson & Harriden Stakes20/08/2017 6:07pmBet Now
R8 Stakes20/08/2017 6:34pmBet Now
R9 Agh Demolition Stakes20/08/2017 6:57pmBet Now
R10 Stks20/08/2017 7:19pmBet Now
R11 Sky Radio Golden Oldies Stks20/08/2017 7:42pmBet Now
R12 Toledo Trailers Stakes20/08/2017 8:00pmBet Now
R1 Free Entry Tabtouch Park19/08/2017 8:35pmBet Now
R2 Box 1 Restaurant19/08/2017 8:57pmBet Now
R3 Get The Tabtouch19/08/2017 9:20pmBet Now
R4 "the Peter Thomas" (heat)/city/52019/08/2017 9:42pmBet Now
R5 "the Peter Thomas" (heat)/city/52019/08/2017 10:05pmBet Now
R6 "the Peter Thomas" (heat)/city/52019/08/2017 10:25pmBet Now
R7 Sign Strategy Call Phil19/08/2017 10:42pmBet Now
R8 Property Plus Real Estate19/08/2017 11:02pmBet Now
R9 Community Newspaper Group19/08/2017 11:22pmBet Now
R10 Skyracing.tv19/08/2017 11:37pmBet Now
R11 Fast Fun Affordable19/08/2017 11:52pmBet Now
R12 Bet Local Bet Tabtouch20/08/2017 12:12amBet Now
R1 Winning Post Supplies19/08/2017 4:53pmBet Now
R2 Rapidvite Animal Products (0-2 Wins)19/08/2017 5:18pmBet Now
R3 Cranbourne Sprint Ht119/08/2017 5:42pmBet Now
R4 Cranbourne Sprint Ht219/08/2017 5:57pmBet Now
R5 Cranbourne Classic Ht119/08/2017 6:17pmBet Now
R6 Cranbourne Classic Ht219/08/2017 6:39pmBet Now
R7 Cranbourne Classic Ht319/08/2017 7:01pmBet Now
R8 Cranbourne Classic Ht419/08/2017 7:24pmBet Now
R9 Berwick Family Butchers19/08/2017 7:44pmBet Now
R10 Murphy's Straight Track Complex19/08/2017 8:04pmBet Now
R11 Backmans Pet Foods19/08/2017 8:24pmBet Now
R12 At Cranbourne - Greyhounds Are Our Life19/08/2017 8:45pmBet Now
R1 Memberships Now Due22/08/2017 11:47amBet Now
R2 Dowling Mccarthy Tyres22/08/2017 12:04pmBet Now
R3 Luxbet.com22/08/2017 12:26pmBet Now
R4 The Advocate22/08/2017 12:47pmBet Now
R5 Put Your Quaddies On22/08/2017 1:07pmBet Now
R6 Carlton Draught - Australias Best22/08/2017 1:22pmBet Now
R7 William Street Meats22/08/2017 1:49pmBet Now
R8 Rapidvite.com22/08/2017 2:09pmBet Now
R9 Simons Design Centre22/08/2017 2:28pmBet Now
R10 Find Us On Facebook & Twitter22/08/2017 2:44pmBet Now
R1 Ladbrokes Cash In Maiden19/08/2017 11:30amBet Now
R2 Village Green Hotel Maiden19/08/2017 11:45amBet Now
R3 Ladbrokes Cash Out Stakes19/08/2017 12:00pmBet Now
R4 Gdsc Stakes19/08/2017 12:15pmBet Now
R5 Ladbrokes Info Hub Stakes19/08/2017 12:30pmBet Now
R6 Carters Canine Capers Stakes19/08/2017 12:45pmBet Now
R7 Ladbrokes Ride Guide Stakes19/08/2017 1:00pmBet Now
R8 Westlawn Finance Stakes19/08/2017 1:15pmBet Now
R9 Ladbrokes Money Wire Stakes19/08/2017 1:30pmBet Now
R10 Caldwell Electrical Stakes19/08/2017 1:45pmBet Now
R11 Ladbrokes Up For The Challenge Stks19/08/2017 2:00pmBet Now
R12 Clarence Valley Sheds Stakes19/08/2017 2:15pmBet Now
R1 Ladbrokes For The Challenge Stks21/08/2017 6:44pmBet Now
R2 Village Green Hotel Stakes21/08/2017 7:06pmBet Now
R3 Ladbrokes Info Hub Maiden21/08/2017 7:29pmBet Now
R4 Clarence Valley Sheds Stakes21/08/2017 7:47pmBet Now
R5 Highland Petfood Stakes21/08/2017 8:11pmBet Now
R6 Ladbrokes Cash In Stakes21/08/2017 8:34pmBet Now
R7 Willow Park Pre-training Stks21/08/2017 8:58pmBet Now
R8 Gdsc Masters Stakes21/08/2017 9:19pmBet Now
R9 Ladbrokes Cash Out Stakes21/08/2017 9:37pmBet Now
R10 Carter's Canine Capers Stks21/08/2017 9:57pmBet Now
R11 Westlawn Finance Stakes21/08/2017 10:14pmBet Now
R12 Grnsw Pathways Stks21/08/2017 10:29pmBet Now
R1 10:57amBet Now
R2 Greyhound Adoption Program20/08/2017 11:12amBet Now
R3 Topcat Video Productions Ht120/08/2017 11:32amBet Now
R4 Smith & Calder Sign Co. Ht220/08/2017 11:52amBet Now
R5 Proudly Supporting Good Friday Appeal20/08/2017 12:13pmBet Now
R6 Straights Functions & Events20/08/2017 12:32pmBet Now
R7 All 4 Paws & Claws Pet Resort20/08/2017 12:49pmBet Now
R8 Straight Track Championship Final20/08/2017 1:08pmBet Now
R9 Silver Eagle Outfitters (veterans)20/08/2017 1:33pmBet Now
R10 Supporting R.c.h. Good Friday Appeal20/08/2017 1:51pmBet Now
R11 Tab - We Love A Bet20/08/2017 2:12pmBet Now
R12 Racing Here Every Sunday20/08/2017 2:34pmBet Now
R1 J & A Fencing Ht122/08/2017 2:51pmBet Now
R2 The Weekly Advertiser Ht222/08/2017 3:09pmBet Now
R3 3wm/mixx Fm Ht322/08/2017 3:24pmBet Now
R4 On-site Engineering Final22/08/2017 3:44pmBet Now
R5 Wilkie Couriers Pty Ltd22/08/2017 4:09pmBet Now
R6 Tab - We Love A Bet22/08/2017 4:24pmBet Now
R7 Wimmera Aquatrail22/08/2017 4:44pmBet Now
R8 Chs Group22/08/2017 5:00pmBet Now
R9 5:17pmBet Now
R10 Willmore Contractors22/08/2017 5:38pmBet Now
R11 Cec Hopper & Sons22/08/2017 5:54pmBet Now
R12 Tab Rewards22/08/2017 6:09pmBet Now
R1 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com19/08/2017 4:48pmBet Now
R2 Sky Racing19/08/2017 5:12pmBet Now
R3 City Country Food Service19/08/2017 5:31pmBet Now
R4 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com19/08/2017 5:54pmBet Now
R5 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com19/08/2017 6:12pmBet Now
R6 Trembath Tyre Repairs19/08/2017 6:31pmBet Now
R7 O'reilly Pet Food19/08/2017 6:54pmBet Now
R8 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com19/08/2017 7:17pmBet Now
R9 C2c Constructions19/08/2017 7:41pmBet Now
R10 Greg Sternberg Vet Surgeon19/08/2017 8:01pmBet Now
R1 Curtains And Blinds21/08/2017 7:03pmBet Now
R2 Furniture City21/08/2017 7:26pmBet Now
R3 Kingsley Jarman Fencing21/08/2017 7:44pmBet Now
R4 Simon's Carpet One21/08/2017 8:07pmBet Now
R5 Goldstar Muzzles21/08/2017 8:31pmBet Now
R6 Rapidvite.com21/08/2017 8:55pmBet Now
R7 Ulverstone Petfoods21/08/2017 9:16pmBet Now
R8 Find Us On Facebook21/08/2017 9:34pmBet Now
R9 Carlton Draught Brewery Fresh21/08/2017 9:49pmBet Now
R10 Luxbet Racing Centre21/08/2017 10:11pmBet Now
R1 Free Entry Tabtouch Park22/08/2017 7:42pmBet Now
R2 A1 Salvage & Hardware22/08/2017 8:02pmBet Now
R3 Elders Insurance Call Justin22/08/2017 8:22pmBet Now
R4 Get The Tabtouch22/08/2017 8:38pmBet Now
R5 Mandurah Stockfeeds22/08/2017 8:58pmBet Now
R6 Prime Trophies22/08/2017 9:22pmBet Now
R7 Mandurah Mail22/08/2017 9:42pmBet Now
R8 Leap Lead Love22/08/2017 10:07pmBet Now
R9 The Sports Daily On Tab Radio22/08/2017 10:27pmBet Now
R10 Property Plus Real Estate22/08/2017 10:42pmBet Now
R1 Free Entry Every Monday21/08/2017 3:12pmBet Now
R2 Love The Chase21/08/2017 3:32pmBet Now
R3 Debs Diner21/08/2017 3:49pmBet Now
R4 Afternoon In The Valley21/08/2017 4:07pmBet Now
R5 Get Your Quaddie On21/08/2017 4:29pmBet Now
R6 Bet Local Bet Tabtouch21/08/2017 4:52pmBet Now
R7 The Sports Daily21/08/2017 5:08pmBet Now
R8 Skyracing.tv21/08/2017 5:28pmBet Now
R9 Get A Syndicate Together21/08/2017 5:43pmBet Now
R10 Superpick Only On Tabtouch21/08/2017 6:01pmBet Now
R11 Fast Fun Affordable21/08/2017 6:23pmBet Now
R12 6:41pmBet Now
R1 A1 K9 Boarding Kennels Mdn Ht121/08/2017 5:31pmBet Now
R2 A1 K9 Boarding Kennels Mdn Ht221/08/2017 5:47pmBet Now
R3 A1 K9 Boarding Kennels Mdn Ht321/08/2017 6:07pmBet Now
R4 Premium Tyre Service Nowra Stks21/08/2017 6:29pmBet Now
R5 Bechini & Associates Stakes21/08/2017 6:54pmBet Now
R6 Black Bear Lee @ Stud Stakes21/08/2017 7:16pmBet Now
R7 Ladbrokes Blitz Heat 121/08/2017 7:35pmBet Now
R8 Ladbrokes Blitz Heat 221/08/2017 7:58pmBet Now
R9 Ladbrokes Blitz Heat 321/08/2017 8:21pmBet Now
R10 Ladbrokes Blitz Heat 421/08/2017 8:46pmBet Now
R11 Grnsw Pathways Stakes21/08/2017 9:04pmBet Now
R1 Chris & Leonie Peel20/08/2017 4:48pmBet Now
R2 Railway Hotel Heyfield20/08/2017 5:10pmBet Now
R3 Macalister Tyre Service20/08/2017 5:33pmBet Now
R4 Mark Davis Bricklaying20/08/2017 5:52pmBet Now
R5 Big Wilko Classic20/08/2017 6:14pmBet Now
R6 Aaron Carr & Ken Lee Plate Final (1-4w)20/08/2017 6:42pmBet Now
R7 Old Ducks & The Ducklings20/08/2017 7:04pmBet Now
R8 Shawn & Jordan Mcquillen20/08/2017 7:27pmBet Now
R9 Briag Hotel (2-3 Wins)20/08/2017 7:49pmBet Now
R10 Arabella & Macy Race20/08/2017 8:06pmBet Now
R11 8:24pmBet Now
R1 Sorrenberg Vineyard21/08/2017 6:38pmBet Now
R2 Murphy's Motors & Tyres21/08/2017 7:00pmBet Now
R3 Optimum Shear21/08/2017 7:23pmBet Now
R4 Chelle And Charlie21/08/2017 7:41pmBet Now
R5 Star Bowl Shepparton21/08/2017 8:04pmBet Now
R6 Emgrand Lodge21/08/2017 8:28pmBet Now
R7 Bd North East Super Race21/08/2017 8:52pmBet Now
R8 Overlander Hotel Motel21/08/2017 9:13pmBet Now
R9 Jippo Angus - The Beef King21/08/2017 9:28pmBet Now
R10 Kiss The Groom21/08/2017 9:45pmBet Now
R11 Jarmikas21/08/2017 10:00pmBet Now
R12 Huntjamo21/08/2017 10:17pmBet Now
The Gardens
R1 Ladbrokes Maiden Heat119/08/2017 4:42pmBet Now
R2 Da-ice Maiden Heat219/08/2017 5:07pmBet Now
R3 Bishop Collins Maiden Ht319/08/2017 5:28pmBet Now
R4 Awesome Project @ Stud Mdn Ht419/08/2017 5:49pmBet Now
R5 Past Members Memorial Ht119/08/2017 6:07pmBet Now
R6 Past Members Memorial Ht219/08/2017 6:27pmBet Now
R7 Past Members Memorial Ht319/08/2017 6:51pmBet Now
R8 Past Members Memorial Ht419/08/2017 7:14pmBet Now
R9 Helmet's Champions Handicap Stks19/08/2017 7:33pmBet Now
R10 Paul & Maree Appreciation Stks19/08/2017 7:54pmBet Now
R11 Keybow @ Stud Stakes19/08/2017 8:14pmBet Now
R12 Grnsw Pathways Stakes19/08/2017 8:38pmBet Now
R1 Winning Post Supplies21/08/2017 2:47pmBet Now
R2 R.w & A.r Inglis Electricians21/08/2017 3:07pmBet Now
R3 Rutter's Butchery & Poultry21/08/2017 3:28pmBet Now
R4 Like Us On Facebook21/08/2017 3:52pmBet Now
R5 Topcat Video Productions21/08/2017 4:12pmBet Now
R6 Follow Us @tabcomau21/08/2017 4:32pmBet Now
R7 Aston Bolero At Stud21/08/2017 4:57pmBet Now
R8 R & A Precision Automotive21/08/2017 5:16pmBet Now
R9 Brown Wigg Traralgon21/08/2017 5:35pmBet Now
R10 Simic's Betta Home Living21/08/2017 5:55pmBet Now
R11 Haley Concreting21/08/2017 6:10pmBet Now
R12 Racing At Traralgon 25th Aug21/08/2017 6:32pmBet Now
R1 Luca Neveelk@stud Final22/08/2017 6:12pmBet Now
R2 Morland's Meats22/08/2017 6:35pmBet Now
R3 Top Cat Video22/08/2017 6:55pmBet Now
R4 Mel's Kitchen22/08/2017 7:15pmBet Now
R5 Endeavour Locksmiths22/08/2017 7:35pmBet Now
R6 Murphy's Greyhound Complex22/08/2017 7:55pmBet Now
R7 Wwr Sawdust22/08/2017 8:15pmBet Now
R8 Australian Quality Pet Foods22/08/2017 8:34pmBet Now
R9 East Ivanhoe Grocers22/08/2017 8:55pmBet Now
R10 Blue Stream Pictures22/08/2017 9:14pmBet Now
R11 Find Us On Facebook22/08/2017 9:39pmBet Now
R12 Top Run Images22/08/2017 9:58pmBet Now
R1 Absolutley Electrical23/08/2017 9:39amBet Now
R2 Wanganui Chronicle23/08/2017 9:56amBet Now
R3 Meteor Opd Wanganui C0 Final23/08/2017 10:14amBet Now
R4 Adept Accountants Wanganui23/08/2017 10:31amBet Now
R5 J P Print Petone23/08/2017 10:49amBet Now
R6 The Rock 95.2fm23/08/2017 11:06amBet Now
R7 Aon Cpf23/08/2017 11:24amBet Now
R8 Palamountains Scientific Nutrition23/08/2017 11:41amBet Now
R9 First Security23/08/2017 11:59amBet Now
R10 Wanganui Toyota23/08/2017 12:16pmBet Now
R11 Liquorland Wanganui23/08/2017 12:34pmBet Now
R12 Book Your Function @ Hatrick23/08/2017 12:51pmBet Now
R1 Agrc Rewards Sprint20/08/2017 10:51amBet Now
R2 Greyhounds As Pets Sprint20/08/2017 11:09amBet Now
R3 Trophies Plus Sprint20/08/2017 11:27amBet Now
R4 Carol's Tab Clendon Inn Series Heat 120/08/2017 11:44amBet Now
R5 Carol's Tab Clendon Inn Series Heat 220/08/2017 12:02pmBet Now
R6 Hewlett Electrical Sprint20/08/2017 12:19pmBet Now
R7 Stitches Upholstery Stakes20/08/2017 12:37pmBet Now
R8 Deli's Sports Bar Clendon Inn Sprint20/08/2017 12:54pmBet Now
R9 Pump & Engineering Services Ltd Stakes20/08/2017 1:10pmBet Now
R10 $10,000 Guaranteed Quaddie Stakes20/08/2017 1:29pmBet Now
R11 Nz Racing Series Graduation Final20/08/2017 1:47pmBet Now
R12 Plasterboard Ltd Sprint20/08/2017 2:04pmBet Now
R1 Formpro Ratings Free Every Monday21/08/2017 10:15amBet Now
R2 Greyhounds As Pets21/08/2017 10:33amBet Now
R3 J P Print, Petone21/08/2017 10:50amBet Now
R4 Affordable Pet Accessories21/08/2017 11:07amBet Now
R5 Tab Supports Greyhounds21/08/2017 11:27amBet Now
R6 Use 11:42amBet Now
R7 Personal Protective Services21/08/2017 12:05pmBet Now
R8 Ionlyflyfirstclass.com21/08/2017 12:22pmBet Now
R9 Outback Trading Company21/08/2017 12:42pmBet Now
R10 Steve 'the Auctioneer' Davis21/08/2017 1:09pmBet Now
R11 Adrian Clark21/08/2017 1:27pmBet Now
R12 M&m Master Butchers Now In The Kapiti Coast21/08/2017 1:44pmBet Now
R1 Maiden/provincial 2/40020/08/2017 5:07pmBet Now
R2 Grade 6/provincial 2/40020/08/2017 5:30pmBet Now
R3 Grade 6 (sa)/provincial 2/40020/08/2017 5:49pmBet Now
R4 Grade 5/provincial 2/40020/08/2017 6:11pmBet Now
R5 Mixed 4/5/provincial 2/40020/08/2017 6:27pmBet Now
R6 Grade 6/provincial 2/53120/08/2017 6:46pmBet Now
R7 Grade 6/provincial 2/53120/08/2017 7:09pmBet Now
R8 Mixed 4/5/provincial 2/53120/08/2017 7:24pmBet Now
R9 Grade 5/provincial 2/40020/08/2017 7:45pmBet Now
R10 Grade 6/provincial 2/40020/08/2017 8:03pmBet Now
R11 Grade 6/provincial 2/40020/08/2017 8:21pmBet Now
R1 Michaelkris Real Estate (n/p)22/08/2017 11:36amBet Now
R2 The Bunyip22/08/2017 11:54amBet Now
R3 Nixons Function Centre Maiden Stake22/08/2017 12:15pmBet Now
R4 Northern Suburbs Glass Service Stake22/08/2017 12:39pmBet Now
R5 Gawler Dry Cleaners Mixed Stake22/08/2017 12:54pmBet Now
R6 Dinky Di Web Designs (n/p) Mixed Stake22/08/2017 1:14pmBet Now
R7 Michaelkris Real Estate Stake22/08/2017 1:42pmBet Now
R8 The Bunyip Mixed Stake22/08/2017 1:57pmBet Now
R9 Nixons Function Centre Stake22/08/2017 2:22pmBet Now
R10 Greyhound Adoption Program Sa (n/p) Stake22/08/2017 2:37pmBet Now
R11 Gawler Dry Cleaners Mixed Stake22/08/2017 2:57pmBet Now
R12 Northern Suburbs Glass Service Stake22/08/2017 3:21pmBet Now
Mount Gambier
R1 The Produce Store Maiden Stake20/08/2017 11:48amBet Now
R2 South Eastern Hotel Stake20/08/2017 12:06pmBet Now
R3 Classic Bet Stake20/08/2017 12:24pmBet Now
R4 Gambier Vets (0-4 Wins) (n/p) Stake20/08/2017 12:42pmBet Now
R5 Rock's Retreat Mixed Stake20/08/2017 1:02pmBet Now
R6 Williams Crane Hire Stake20/08/2017 1:23pmBet Now
R7 Trackside Meats Stake20/08/2017 1:41pmBet Now
R8 Klaassens Contractors20/08/2017 1:59pmBet Now
R9 Metal Worx Stake20/08/2017 2:18pmBet Now
R10 Laser Electrical Mixed Stake20/08/2017 2:37pmBet Now
R1 Next Lending21/08/2017 6:04pmBet Now
R2 Metro Roller Doors Maiden Stake21/08/2017 6:26pmBet Now
R3 Ten Sixty Two Kennels21/08/2017 6:51pmBet Now
R4 Daish Irrigation And Fodder Stake21/08/2017 7:09pmBet Now
R5 Strath Chicken Shop Stake21/08/2017 7:32pmBet Now
R6 Southern Argus21/08/2017 7:55pmBet Now
R7 Next Lending21/08/2017 8:14pmBet Now
R8 Metro Roller Doors Mixed Stake21/08/2017 8:37pmBet Now
R9 Daish Irrigation And Fodder Stake21/08/2017 9:01pmBet Now
R10 Ten Sixty Two Kennels Stake21/08/2017 9:22pmBet Now
R11 Steves Fat Feed Co Stake21/08/2017 9:41pmBet Now