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Australian Online Betting is a site that has been created for Aussies by Aussies. We know sport better than the rest of the world and don’t need no foreign website telling us who we should and should not put our money on. Australian online betting was setup because we know what matters most, and despite what they say about stats and player potential, the best win is when we can tell our coworkers to eat shit after you have demolished them in the latest round of NRL/AFL Footy  tipping.

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Navigating the Mine Field of Online Gambling

The Internet is packed with places to bet online, but the trouble is, you never know which online gambling sites are reputable. It’s a jungle out there and at the Australian-Online-Betting headquarters, we’ve heard many reports of people not getting paid their winnings, dodgy websites that offer the world but deliver nothing, and just horror stories in general from real Australians.

So, that’s one of the reasons why AustralianOnlineBetting.com website was set up.

We thoroughly tested the top Australia friendly Online Betting sites from around the world, and we’ve selected what we firmly believe is the best one that caters for Australians. A lot of work has gone into this, we’ve tested everything from customer service to safety, security and speed of payouts.

Please note that although this advice is all offered at no cost to you, we do benefit from you signing up through our links as we receive a percentage for referring you. This way everyone wins and you can be assured

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Bet Online and with Sports Bettings Australia

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Improved Sports Bets Odds and Better Security

Firstly, the odds are so much better online. You’ll soon see that the odds you get at the TAB or in your pub are pretty bad. On average they’re at least 10% worse than the odds you can get online. If you’re a regular punter, that can mean the difference of thousands of dollars in winnings. Don’t settle for poor odds when you can get better ones online.

But why are the odds better when you gamble online? Well, that brings us to our second point. If you think about it, websites don’t have as many overheads as your local TAB down the road. There’s not as many staff, there’s no rent, the bills are less etc. This means that the websites can pass these savings on – in the form of better odds and incentives to new punters. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Great Incentives and Our Satisfaction Guarantee*

The competition within the online sports betting industry is as tough as it is offline and as a result the incentives offered to new customers are honestly rather incredible! You can literally claim FREE cash when you want to start betting online. Can you imagine walking into your local TAB or pub and asking for $250 free to have a bet with? Of course not, it’s ridiculous and wouldn’t happen. But online, that’s exactly what happens – these websites want your business, so they’re happy to offer bonuses to get it.


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Our preferred place to bet online is Sportsbet, that’s the one that scored higher than any other website in the world for online sports betting. Even better still, if you join them through this website, they will give you $250 when you open up an account and start betting – something the TAB won’t.

Footy Tipping for a Million Dollars!

Whether you are into your sports betting or not, every Aussie worth his weight loves a punt on the footy. Whether you take things too seriously and track every play or you just join the office footy tipping comp and choose whatever colour tickles your fancy each week – the fact that SportsBet have taken this aussie tradition and spiced it up is just AWESOME!

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